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Sydney v Essendon (2/6/07)
Sydney v Carlton (15/7/07)
Melbourne v Sydney (5/8/07)
Sydney v St Kilda (11/8/07)
Sydney v Port (Trial, 23/2/08)
St Kilda v Sydney (22/3/08)
Kangaroos v Essendon(24/3/08)
Sydney v Port Adel (30/3/08)
Sydney v West Coast (12/4/08)
Sydney v Essendon (18/5/08)
Sydney v Richmond (1/6/08)
Richmond v Adelaide (7/6/08)
Sydney v St Kilda (14/6/08)
Melbourne v Sydney (22/6/08)
Sydney v Collingwood (5/7/08)
Sydney v Adelaide (26/7/08)
W Bulldogs v Sydney (3/8/08)
Sydney v Fremantle (9/8/08)
Sydney v Geelong (16/8/08)
Elim Final - Syd v Kang (6/9/08)
Grand Final Parade (26/9/08)
Blacktown Update (31/12/08)
NAB - Port v Sydney (22/2/09)
Trial - Sydney v B'dogs(7/3/09)
Sydney v Hawthorn (4/4/09)
Carlton v Essendon (11/4/09)
Sydney v Carlton (18/4/09)
Sydney v Richmond (3/5/09)
Blacktown Update (9/5/09)
Sydney v West Coast (16/5/09)
Sydney v Port Adel (24/5/09
Essendon v Adelaide (10/6/09)
Blacktown Update (5/7/09
Sydney v Essendon (11/7/09)
Sydney v Geelong (15/8/09)
Sydney v Brisbane (29/8/09)
Grand Final Parade (25/9/09)
NAB - Sydney vCarlton(20/2/10)
Trial - Sydny v Ess'don (6/3/10)
Sydney v St Kilda (27/3/10)
Essendon v Fremantle (4/4/10)
Sydney v Richmond (10/4/10)
W Bulldogs v Sydney (15/5/10)
Essendon v Geelong (12/6/10)
Sydney v Collingwood (26/6/10)
Sydney v Nth Melb (10/7/10)
NAB - GWS/Syd/GCst (19/2/11)
Essendon v Coll'wood (25/4/11)
Sydney v Richmond (12/6/11)
Sydney v Collingwood (25/6/11)
GWS Giants v Sydney (23/7/11)
Sydney v W Bulldogs (23/7/11)
GWS Giants v NT T'dr (6/8/11)

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As expected, Collingwood got up over Fremantle at the MCG on Friday night, but the Magpies suffered a scare
before taking the points. The Dockers put up a plucky fight against the odds to lead by 5 points at the long break.
But Collingwood’s superior fitness took over in the second half, and spearheaded by forward Anthony Rocca’s 5
goals the Magpies prevailed at home. The Magpies maintain 4th place on the ladder, while Fremantle are
languishing 2 games out of the top 8.
Collingwood             3.5         7.7         12.12         15.13 (103)
Fremantle                 5.3         8.6         10.11          13.16 (94)
Goals : Collingwood -
A Rocca 5 L Davis 4 D Swan 2 A Didak B Johnson N Maxwell T Cloke. Fremantle - M
Pavlich 4 D Mundy 2 R Crowley 2 J Carr S McManus D Headland A Sandilands P Bell.
Best : Collingwood - D Swan A Rocca S Burns L Davis B Johnson S Pendlebury. Fremantle - P Hasleby A
Sandilands M Pavlich J Carr P Bell D Headland.
Injuries: Collingwood - H Shaw (thigh). Fremantle - Nil.
Reports: R Crowley (Fremantle) reported by field umpire M James for allegedly making forceful contact with S
Prestigiacomo (Collingwood) while his head was over the ball in the second quarter.
Umpires: S McBurney M James M Avon.
Crowd: 44,480 at the MCG.

Melbourne recorded their first win of the season with a 17-point victory over Adelaide at the MCG on Saturday.
The Crows led by 4 points at the first change, but the Demons played inspired football in the second quarter,
kicking 8 goals to 1 to race to a match-winning lead. It’s been a season to forget for the Demons, and their home
crowd was way down, but the supporters who stuck around were rewarded as for one week the clock was turned
back, and Green, Bruce and Neitz returned to their match-winning best form.
Melbourne         2.3         10.5         12.10         13.11 (89)
Adelaide             3.1          4.5             5.8           10.12 (72)
Goals: Melbourne -
D Neitz 3 M Bate 2 N Jones 2 R Robertson 2 C Bruce A Davey R Petterd P Wheatley.
Adelaide - J Porplyzia 2 M Ricciuto 2 S Stevens 2 M Doughty I Perrie J Torney S Welsh.
Best: Melbourne - B Green C Bruce D Bell D Neitz P Wheatley N Carroll N Jones. Adelaide - S Goodwin T
Edwards G Johncock M Doughty J Porplyzia.
Injuries: Melbourne: A Davey (ankle). Adelaide: I Perrie (shoulder) B Reilly (ankle).
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: D Margetts C Hendrie D Goldspink.
Crowd: 23,657 at the MCG.

The Kangaroos’ 6-match winning streak came to and end on Saturday with a 66-point win by West Coast. But
that margin was flattering to the Eagles, and for much of the match the contest looked much closer. Showing
some fighting Shinboner spirit, the Kangaroos fought back in the third term to reduce the margin to just 17 points
at the last change. But the fightback had taken too much out of them, and the reigning premiers piled on 8
unanswered goals in the last term to blow the margin out and maintain top spot on the ladder.
West Coast         5.4         8.8         10.9         18.13 (121)
Kangaroos           3.1         3.7         7.9             7.13 (55)
Goals: West Coast -
Q Lynch 3 M Morton 2 C Judd 2 M LeCras 2 D Cox 2 D Wirrpanda M Priddis R Jones D
Chick M Seaby M Rosa M Brown.
Kangaroos - S Grant 3 A Swallow L Thomas A Edwards C Jones.
Best: West Coast - M Priddis M Braun D Cox A Selwood D Chick. Kangaroos - A Swallow B Rawlings S Grant A
Simpson J Sinclair.
Injuries: Nil. Reports: Nil.
Umpires: B Rosebury B Allen M Nicholls.
Crowd: 40,751 at Subiaco Oval.
Essendon travelled to Sydney on Saturday night, and returned home with the premiership points in
controversial circumstances after a thrilling one-point victory. Essendon’s last goal was scored by Mark
McVeigh, but during the passage of play that led to the goal, replays showed Adam McPhee had crossed
out of bounds. The Sydney crowd voiced their disapproval of the umpire, and continued to boo as
Essendon captain Matthew Lloyd received the Marn Grook Trophy; but this was Essendon’s night as the
Bombers moved into the top 8.
Click here to see Harboursport's photo gallery from this match.
Essendon                 5.1         7.2         7.7         11.8 (74)
Sydney                      3.2         7.4         8.4         11.7 (73)
Goals: Essendon -
M Lloyd 3 M Bolton 2 M McVeigh 2 A Welsh M Johnson J Watson B Stanton. Sydney - N
Davis 3 N Fosdike S Dempster P Bevan A Schneider M O'Loughlin A Goodes B Hall C Bolton.
Best: Essendon - D Fletcher M McVeigh M Johnson M Michael J Hird B Stanton. Sydney - A Schneider B
Kirk T Richards T Kennelly J Bolton A Buchanan.
Injuries: Essendon: D Peverill (general soreness) replaced in selected side by J Nash. Sydney: Nil.
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: C Donlon S McLaren R Chamberlain.
Crowd: 26,647 at the SCG.

While the attention and controversy were on the SCG match, an even closer match was being played at
Telstra Dome as Richmond and Brisbane played a draw. Richmond were looking for their first win of the
season, but had to come from behind as the Lions held a 13-point lead at the last change. But the Tigers
had a sniff and charged back into the contest. Kane Pettifer was the hero with a last-minute goal to level the
scores, but there was to be no heroic winner – and with Melbourne taking the points in their game, this
result kept the Tigers on the bottom of the ladder.
Richmond                 2.4         4.7         8.9         10.13 (73)
Brisbane                   1.5         5.8       10.10      10.13 (73)
Goals: Richmond -
M Richardson 2 R Tambling 2 J Schulz K Kingsley D Jackson S Edwards B Deledio K
Brisbane - J Patfull 3 J Brown 2 N Lappin 2 J Adcock C Begley M Clark.
Best: Richmond - N Foley D Jackson K Johnson J King J Bowden M White. Brisbane - T Notting N Lappin
R Hooper J Drummond J Patfull J Adcock.
Injuries: Richmond: Nil. Brisbane: L Power (corked thigh) replaced in the selected side by S Harding, C
Johnson (foot).
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: S Grun S McInerney D Sully.
Crowd: 28,093 at Telstra Dome.

Hawthorn’s giant-killing season continued in fine style, with the Hawks condemning Port Adelaide to their
third straight defeat in front of a disappointing crowd at AAMI Stadium on Sunday. An 8-goal second quarter
put the Hawks in front, silencing the local supporters as the Power were never again in the contest. Boyle
kicked 5, while Franklin and McGlynn each contributed 3 as the Hawks climbed to an unlikely third on the
Hawthorn                 2.2         10.3         13.5         17.7 (109)
Port Adelaide          5.5           8.6          9.12        10.15 (75)
Goals: Hawthorn -
T Boyle 5 L Franklin 3 B McGlynn 3 L Hodge 2 J Lewis M Osborne B Sewell B Guerra.
Port Adelaide - J Westhoff 3 D White 2 S Salopek B Lade S Burgoyne B Ebert C Cornes.
Best: Hawthorn - S Mitchell S Crawford T Boyle B McGlynn L Hodge B Guerra J Lewis.
Port Adelaide - C
Cornes S Burgoyne J Surjan K Cornes S Salopek.
Injuries: Hawthorn: T Croad (foot) replaced in selected side by X Ellis, R Ladson (back) replaced in
selected side by J Roughead, B Dixon (hamstring).
Port Adelaide: S Salopek (broken nose, blurred vision).
Reports: J Westhoff (Port Adelaide) reported by field umpire K Nicholls for charging C Young (Hawthorn) in
the fourth quarter.
Umpires: M Vozzo S Wenn K Nicholls.
Crowd: 23,945 at AAMI Stadium.

Carlton returned to form with an exciting 10-point win over the Western Bulldogs in a high-scoring shootout
at the MCG. Both sides kicked 7 goals in an epic first quarter before the Bulldogs took a 15-point lead at
half-time. But the Blues weren’t finished yet, and an 8 goals to 2 third quarter put the pre-season
champions back in the lead. With Adelaide, Port, Sydney and the Kangaroos all losing this round, this
match was an opportunity for the Bulldogs to get into the top 8, but Carlton’s superior drive on the day
would leave the Bulldogs to rue this match as an opportunity that got away.
Carlton                         7.2         10.5         18.8         21.12 (138)
Western Bulldogs     7.3         12.8        14.13        19.14 (128)
Goals: Carlton -
M Lappin 5 B Fisher 3 J Waite 3 M Murphy 2 A Walker A Bentick L Whitnall L Blackwell S
O'hAilpin B Fevola H Scotland J Bannister.
Bulldogs - B Johnson 3 N Eagleton 2 D Giansiracusa 2 A
Cooney 2 S Higgins 2 M Hahn L Gilbee S Power R Griffen J Akermanis R Hargrave M Robbins P Street.
Best: Carlton - A Carrazzo J Bannister M Lappin J Waite M Murphy B Fisher B Thornton B Gibbs. Bulldogs -
A Cooney B Harris S West D Cross D Morris D Giansiracusa.
Injuries: Carlton: J Anderson (hamstring). Bulldogs: Nil.
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: H Kennedy M Stevic D Woodcock.
Crowd: 37,535 at the MCG.

Geelong’s superb run of form and their liking to twilight football continued on Sunday evening with the Cats
taking out a 60-point win over St Kilda. The Cats raced out of the blocks to lead by 19 points at the first
change, and extended their lead as the match wore on. The Cats are flying high in 2nd position, while the
Saints are left struggling in an injury-ravaged season and in desperate need of a spark to get their 2007
campaign back on track.
Geelong                 7.2         10.5         15.8         19.11 (125)
St Kilda                  4.1           7.6           9.8             9.11 (65)
Goals: Geelong -
C Ling 3 C Mooney 3 B Ottens 2 S Johnson 2 D Wojcinski 2 M Rooke J Corey G Ablett M
Stokes J Bartel N Ablett T Varcoe.
St Kilda - N Riewoldt 2 F Gehrig 2 J Blake L Montagna S Milne L Ball J
Best: Geelong - J Bartel C Ling S Johnson P Chapman G Ablett D Milburn D Wojcinski. St Kilda - J Gram N
Riewoldt L Ball L Montagna S Fisher J Koschitzke.
Injuries: Geelong: Nil. St Kilda: X Clarke (calf) replaced in selected side by R Clarke, L Fisher (hamstring).
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: M Ellis T Pannell S Ryan.
Crowd: 42,188 at Telstra Dome.