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Sydney v PortAdelaide(20/5/07)
Sydney v Essendon (2/6/07)
Sydney v Carlton (15/7/07)
Melbourne v Sydney (5/8/07)
Sydney v St Kilda (11/8/07)
Sydney v Port (Trial, 23/2/08)
St Kilda v Sydney (22/3/08)
Kangaroos v Essendon(24/3/08)
Sydney v Port Adel (30/3/08)
Sydney v West Coast (12/4/08)
Sydney v Essendon (18/5/08)
Sydney v Richmond (1/6/08)
Richmond v Adelaide (7/6/08)
Sydney v St Kilda (14/6/08)
Melbourne v Sydney (22/6/08)
Sydney v Collingwood (5/7/08)
Sydney v Adelaide (26/7/08)
W Bulldogs v Sydney (3/8/08)
Sydney v Fremantle (9/8/08)
Sydney v Geelong (16/8/08)
Elim Final - Syd v Kang (6/9/08)
Grand Final Parade (26/9/08)
Blacktown Update (31/12/08)
NAB - Port v Sydney (22/2/09)
Trial - Sydney v B'dogs(7/3/09)
Sydney v Hawthorn (4/4/09)
Carlton v Essendon (11/4/09)
Sydney v Carlton (18/4/09)
Sydney v Richmond (3/5/09)
Blacktown Update (9/5/09)
Sydney v West Coast (16/5/09)
Sydney v Port Adel (24/5/09
Essendon v Adelaide (10/6/09)
Blacktown Update (5/7/09
Sydney v Essendon (11/7/09)
Sydney v Geelong (15/8/09)
Sydney v Brisbane (29/8/09)
Grand Final Parade (25/9/09)
NAB - Sydney vCarlton(20/2/10)
Trial - Sydny v Ess'don (6/3/10)
Sydney v St Kilda (27/3/10)
Essendon v Fremantle (4/4/10)
Sydney v Richmond (10/4/10)
W Bulldogs v Sydney (15/5/10)
Essendon v Geelong (12/6/10)
Sydney v Collingwood (26/6/10)
Sydney v Nth Melb (10/7/10)
NAB - GWS/Syd/GCst (19/2/11)
Essendon v Coll'wood (25/4/11)
Sydney v Richmond (12/6/11)
Sydney v Collingwood (25/6/11)
GWS Giants v Sydney (23/7/11)
Sydney v W Bulldogs (23/7/11)
GWS Giants v NT T'dr (6/8/11)

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The weekend began in thrilling style on Friday night, when Essendon defeated reigning premiers West Coast by
a point at Telstra Dome. The Eagles raced out of the blocks to lead by 29 points at quarter time, but a determined
second-half fightback saw the Bombers hit the front late in the game, with David Hille the hero with the winning
point. West Coast moved the ball downfield and were deep in attack as the siren sounded, but their charge
forward went out of bounds, narrowly missing the point post. For Essendon, beating both of last year’s grand
finalists by a point in successive weeks was a pleasing result, which sees the Bombers now in the top 8, while
the Eagles’ loss was to cost them top spot on the ladder.
Essendon                 1.0         6.2         12.4         15.5 (95)
West Coast               5.5       10.8        13.9        14.10 (94)
Goals: Essendon –
S Lucas 5, M Lloyd 3, S Camporeale 2, J Laycock 2, A Davey, A Monfries, J Winderlich. West
Coast –
B Staker 3, Q Lynch 2, M Brown, A Hunter, S Hurn, C Judd, M LeCras, M Morton, M Priddis, M Rosa, M
Best: Essendon – J Hird, J Winderlich, D Peverill, S Lucas, D Fletcher, H Slattery. West Coast – M Rosa, M
Priddis, T Stenglein, C Judd, D Cox, R Jones.
Injuries: Essendon – B Stanton (ankle). West Coast – B Walters (soreness) replaced in selected side by M
Reports - Nil. Umpires - M Vozzo, H Kennedy, K Nicholls.
Crowd - 48.913 at Telstra Dome.

Sydney’s away match against Hawthorn started disastrously for them when the Swans lost key defender Tadhg
Kennelly with a knee injury in the opening minute. But after the Hawks made the early front-running, the Swans
fought back in the second quarter to trail by just 2 points at the long break and hit the front early in the third. From
there, the Swans were in control, despite a late fightback inspired by Lance Franklin; the big number 23 being in
impressive form for the Hawks with a bag of 6 goals. But in the end, the Swans had enough in reserve to take out
a 9-point victory.
Sydney                 1.3         5.3         9.6         11.9 (75)
Hawthorn             4.3        5.5         7.9         9.12 (66)
Goals: Sydney –
N Davis 3, L Barry 2, A Buchanan, S Dempster, M O’Loughlin, T Richards, T Schmidt, A
Hawthorn – L Franklin 6, C Bateman, R Campbell, M Osbourne.
Best: Sydney – B Kirk, P Everitt, N Davis, N Fosdike. Hawthorn – L Franklin, S Crawford, B Sewell, S Mitchell.
Injuries: Sydney – L Ablett (hamstring/back) replaced in selected side by T Schmidt, T Kennelly (knee), D Jolly
Hawthorn – nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - S McBurney, M James, B Rosebury.
Crowd - 48,398 at MCG.

Much of the interest in the lead-up to the Brisbane v Western Bulldogs game at the Gabba was on the return of
Jason Akermanis to Brisbane wearing opposition colours for the first time. Aker was to have the last laugh,
kicking 2 first-quarter goals to set up a match-winning break for his new club. The Bulldogs led by 29 points at the
first change, and kicking the only goal in a low-scoring second term set up a lead their opponents would never be
a chance to recover; despite being held goal-less in the last term as the Lions regained some respectability on
the scoreboard. Brad Johnson kicked 4 goals in a best-on-ground performance that stopped the Bulldogs’ 3-
match losing streak and keeps them only outside the top 8 on percentage.
Western Bulldogs         6.8         7.12         13.15         13.17 (95)
Brisbane                         2.3           2.6            7.8            10.12 (72)
Goals: Bulldogs –
B Johnson 4, J Akermanis 2, N Eagleton 2, A Cooney, M Boyd, M Hahn, M Higgins, F Ray.
Brisbane – J Brennan 3, T Notting 3, J Brown 2, N Lappin, M Allan.
Best: Bulldogs – B Johnson, L Gilbee, B Harris, N Eagleton, J Akermanis. Brisbane – J Charman, T Notting, N
Lappin, J Brennan.
Injuries: Brisbane – A McGrath (knee) replaced in selected side by C Schmidt. Bulldogs – D Cross (knee), R
Griffen (knee).
Reports - Nil. Umpires - M Stevic, R Chamberlain, S Wenn.
Crowd - 29,873 at Gabba.
Carlton extended their winning streak to 2 games, and condemned Port Adelaide to their 4th loss in a row,
when the Blues led from start to finish at Telstra Dome. The Blues jumped their opposition early,
slamming through 8 goals to 4 in the first quarter, and from there the Power were never in the contest. In
an entertaining and high-scoring shootout similar to their clash against the Bulldogs the week before,
Carlton again threw caution to the wind and showed superior firepower in their forward line to record a
winning score. The new tactics seen in the past couple of weeks by Denis Pagan’s side has been a
refreshing contrast to the defensive flooding tactics in vogue elsewhere in the league.
Carlton                 8.3         11.5         20.5         22.9 (141)
Port Adelaide     4.3           5.8          9.12        14.18 (102)
Goals: Carlton –
J Waite 4, R Houlihan 3, B Fisher 3, B Fevola 2, L Whitnall 2, J Bannister 2, S O’hAilpin 2,
M Murphy, A Walker, K Simpson, A Carrazzo.
Port Adelaide – A Westhoff 4, D Rodan 2, R Gray 2, S
Burgoyne, C Cornes, P Burgoyne, B Lade, W Tredrea, D Cassisi.
Best: Carlton – A Walker, M Murphy, A Carrazzo, J Waite, B Gibbs, H Scotland, J Russell, B Thornton. Port
Adelaide –
S Salopek, J Westhoff, D Rodan, K Cornes, D Pearce, P Burgoyne.
Injuries - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - D Goldspink, C Hendrie, D Woodcock.
Crowd - 29,678 at Telstra Dome.

Geelong’s purple patch continued as their winning streak extended to 7 games, putting them on top of the
ladder. But the Cats didn’t have things all their own way at AAMI Stadium, as Adelaide’s flooding and
relentless pressure made the game a far more intense and physical contest than the Cats have been
used to in recent weeks. The lead fluctuated during the course of the game, but the superior fitness of
Geelong came through at the death as the Cats hung on for a 7-point win. Gary Ablett was in superb form,
while Cameron Mooney’s 3 goals were worth their weight in gold. For  -Adelaide, Ken McGregor’s 3 goals
were valuable in keeping them in a low-scoring match, but another injury scare for Mark Ricciuto has
further frustrated the former Brownlow Medallist’s injury-interrupted season.
Geelong                 2.2         4.11         7.13         9.15 (69)
Adelaide                3.4          5.5            8.6           9.8 (62)
Goals: Geelong
– C Mooney 3, C Ling 2, B Ottens, J Kelly, S Johnson, M Stokes. Adelaide – K McGregor 3,
N Van Berlo 2, S Thompson, G Johncock, S Stevens, N Bock.
Best: Geelong – G Ablett, J Bartel, C Mooney, M Scarlett, C Ling, B Ottens. Adelaide – N Van Berlo, S
Thompson, N Bassett, C Knights, A McLeod.
Injuries: Geelong – Nil. Adelaide – S Goodwin (knee strain), G Johncock (corked thigh), S Stevens (mild
concussion), M Ricciuto (blurred vision).
Reports - Nil. Umpires - M Head, S Ryan, S McInerney.
Crowd - 43,108 at AAMI Stadium.

St Kilda are in disarray off the field, with club president Rod Butterss in a public feud with former coach
Grant Thomas; and the club’s misery continued on the field as the Saints went down to a resurgent
Kangaroos side at Telstra Dome on Sunday. In a lacklustre game, the Kangaroos won every quarter to
lock the Saints out of the contest and consolidate their position in the top 8. Corey Jones was in
outstanding form up forward, contributing 4 goals to ensure St Kilda’s gloomy 2007 season continued as
the Saints are now relegated to 14th on the ladder at the half-way point of the season.
Kangaroos                 4.2        7.8        8.11        11.14 (80)
St Kilda                       1.3        4.5          5.7          8.10 (58)
Goals: Kangaroos –
C Jones 4, G Archer, D Hale, E Lower, H McIntosh, A Simpson, J Sinclair, A Swallow.
St Kilda – F Gehrig 2, J Attard, S Gilbert, J Gram, J Gwilt, J Koschitzke, N Riewoldt.
Best: Kangaroos – B Harvey, D Harris, B Rawlings, C Jones, D Pratt, D Petrie, G Archer. St Kilda – N Dal
Santo, S Fisher, M Hudghton, L Montagna.
Injuries - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - D Margetts, B Allen, D Sully.
Crowd - 34,569 at Telstra Dome.

Few tipsters gave the winless Richmond a chance of recording their first victory of the season when they
travelled across the Nullabor to take on Fremantle at Subiaco on Sunday evening; but for much of the night
the Tigers looked set to pull off a stunning upset. The Tigers held a 5-goal lead in the third term, but that
point was the wake-up call the Dockers needed to fire into action. Des Headland provided the spark,
contributing 5 goals in a best-on-ground performance that saw the Dockers hit the front moments before
three-quarter time and streak away in the last quarter to record a 21-point win. It had been a brave fight by
the Tigers, but yet again after holding a lead in the final quarter they were unable to last the distance; a
theme that has been a familiar tale during a disappointing 2007.
Fremantle                 1.3        4.8        10.10        18.15 (123)
Richmond                 4.5        6.9         10.9          15.12 (102)
Goals: Fremantle –
D Headland 5, M Pavlich 3, C Tarrant 2, B Peake 2, D Mundy, S Thornton, H Black, G
Ibbotson, R Warnock, A Grover.
Richmond – R Tambling 3, K Pettifer 3, M Richardson 2, S Edwards 2, B
Deledio, C Newman, C Hyde, K Kingsley, C Howat.
Best: Fremantle – D Headland, M Pavlich, P Bell, M Johnson, S McManus. Richmond – B Deledio, K
Pettifer, G Polak, J King, N Foley.
Injuries: Fremantle – Nil. Richmond – C Newman (ribs), M White (concussion).
Reports - Nil. Umpires - C Kamolins, M Ellis, M Avon.
Crowd - 37,177 at Subiaco Oval.

Melbourne went into the Queen’s Birthday public holiday clash against Collingwood fresh from their first
win of the season, and continued that momentum during a blistering first quarter with a 6 goals to 2
opening quarter. The Magpies were shellshocked, but fought back in the middle two quarters to reduce the
margin to just 3 points at the last change. With David Neitz injured, Russell Robertson stepped up in the
last quarter. A doubtful free from the controversial in-the-back rule got a much-needed goal for the
Demons’ number 24, but there was no doubt about his next goal, from a strong pack mark. And when
Davey marked unopposed 40 metres out, it was looking good for the Demons. Ben Johnson got one back
for the Magpies, and a free to Leon Davis cut the margin to just 7 points deep into time-on. But time was
running out, and Robertson’s 7th after the siren put the icing on the cake.
Melbourne                         6.6         8.9         9.14         13.16 (94)
Collingwood                      2.3         6.5         9.11         11.15 (81)
Goals: Melbourne –
R Robertson 6, M Bate 2, A Davey, S Godfrey, T Johnstone, A McDonald. Collingwood
T Cloke 3, B Johnson 3, L Davis 2, J Fraser, T Lockyer, P Medhurst.
Best: Melbourne – R Robertson, P Wheatley, J McDonald, B McLean, C Bruce. Collingwood – H Shaw, B
Johnson, S Burns, A Didak, D Swan.
Injuries: Melbourne – D Neitz (knee) Collingwood –H O’Brien (arm).
Reports - Nil. Umpires - S McLaren, S Grun, S Jeffery.
Crowd - 70,660 at MCG.