To get back into the contest, the Cats needed to get the first goal of the final term. As the goal-less minutes
ticked by, the need for the Cats increased. It wasn't till 13 minutes into the final quarter that a goal was
scored; and it went Hawthorn's way, with Buddy Franklin taking a chest mark 40 metres out and playing on
to score. And as the goal went through, the Hawthorn crowd roared and the Hawk players embraced with
the feeling that the premiership was theirs.
The Hawks would go on to score 4 goals for the quarter while restricting the Cats to 2. And when the final
siren sounded, Hawthorn had completed a 26-point win and taken out their first premiership since 1991.
Luke Hodge won the Norm Smith Medal as best on ground, and veteran Shane Crawford would retire in
style with a premiership medal.

The win was a triumph for the Hawks. For much of the decade they were strugglers, and it was only in
2007 that they returned to the finals. Since their last premiership in 1991 the club had struggled, going
close to merging with Melbourne in 1996 and now facing a financial necessity to play home games in
Tasmania. But the premiership success will ensure their long-term survival, and maybe the start of a new
dynasty to match their golden era of the 1980s.

Defeat was a bitter pill for Geelong to swallow. The Cats had suffered horrific grand final defeats in the
1990s, but in 2007 had taken the grand final by a record margin. 2008 saw the Cats dominate for the
season, and for much of the year it had looked inevitable that they would go back to back. Even in the grand
final the Cats had dominated possession, and had recorded 34 scoring shots to 25. The Cats had been
the best team over the course of the season, but sadly for them history does not honour the team with the
most wins but the team with the last win.
And that team was Hawthorn. And as the Hawks received their premiership medallions and the cup, it
triggered the start of a long night of partying for the brown and gold. The 2008 season was over, with the
Hawks enjoying the fruits of their success.

Hawthorn                          5.2        8.3        14.5        18.7 (115)
Geelong                            5.3       6.12       9.18       11.23 (89)
Goals : Hawthorn -
M Williams 3, S Dew 2, L Franklin 2, J Roughead 2, C Rioli 2, L Hodge,
X Ellis, C Bateman, C Young, C Brown ,R Ladson, S Mitchell.
Geelong - C Mooney 2, M
Rooke 2, G Ablett 2, T Lonergan 2, S Johnson, D Milburn, P Chapman.
Best : Hawthorn - L Hodge, S Crawford, C Rioli, S Dew, X Ellis, C Bateman, B Sewell, C
Geelong - G Ablett, M Scarlett, J Selwood, J Corey, C Ling.
Injuries : Hawthorn - T Croad (foot). Geelong - T Harley (concussion).
Norm Smith Medallist - L Hodge (Hawthorn).
Umpires - M Vozzo, S McLaren, S Ryan.
Crowd - 100,012 at the MCG.
The climax of the 2008 season saw Geelong take on Hawthorn in the grand final. It was the first all-Victorian
grand final for 8 years, leading to huge local interest with a larger than normal crowd at the grand final parade,
large attendances at open training sessions and a mad scramble for tickets among the dedicated supporters of
both clubs.
Click here to see Harboursport's photo gallery from the grand final parade.

Grand final day dawned bright and sunny, and the MCG looked a treat for the big game. After the pre- match
entertainment and the national anthem, the roar of the crowd as the teams took their positions for the game was
deafening. The ball was bounced and the action in the season decider was under way.
First blood went to Geelong after 2 minutes, with Tom Longeran leading out and marking a perfect pass from
Jimmy Bartel. But the Hawks had a quick equaliser when Chance Bateman went for a run before snapping truly
from 50 metres out. The Hawks were on a roll, with Bateman's goal being quickly followed up by set shots from
Xavier Ellis and Jarryd Roughead to put them 13 points clear. The Cats got one back when Gary Ablett was the
recipient of a 50m penalty, but when Campbell Brown let fly with a torp from outside 50m that went sailing
through, the Hawks were looking good.
But Geelong steadied as the clock went into time-on. Max Rooke laid a great tackle to get a holding the ball
decision 25 metres out and made no mistake, and when Cam Mooney got on the board the margin was
suddenly back to just one point. Mooney's second put the Cats in front, and two points put the lead over a goal.
But on the quarter time siren, Mark Williams received a 50m penalty, and at quarter time the Cats led by a point.
The Cats had enjoyed the vast majority of possession, but the Hawks were hanging in there.

The second quarter started well for the Cats, with Paul Chapman receiving a free kick directly in front in the
opening minute of the term and made no mistake. Cyril Rioli quickly replied for the Hawks to level the scores; and
the game then tightened. It was end to end football, with neither side prepared to concede an inch. The Cats
created chances but were unable to kick accurately, and as the behinds added up so did the pressure.
At the 19 minute mark, Lance Franklin set up Mark Williams and the Hawks had hit the front. Then Clinton Young
went for a long bomb from outside the 50 which sailed through. With two accurate kicks the Hawks had
established a lead, while the wasteful Cats could manage only behinds. On the half time siren, Cameron Mooney
had a golden chance from 15 metres out, but amazingly hit shot went wide. The Cats had scored 1.9 for the
quarter, and the Hawks took a 3-point lead into half time.

With two early behinds in the third term, the Cats' inaccuracy was causing visible frustration before Gary Ablett
finally stopped the rot with a goal that put Geelong back in front. But just a minute later, Buddy Franklin got himself
on the board with his first goal to restore the Hawthorn lead.
At the 16 minute mark, with scores deadlocked, Luke Hodge went into a pack and was rewarded with a free from
45 out which put the Hawks a goal clear. And the floodgates opened, with Cyril Rioli and Stewart Dew within 3
minutes added 2 more goals to give Hawthorn a 17-point advantage. By now the clock was into time-on, but Mark
Williams and Stewart Dew got on the board and with a 29-point lead the premiership cup looked headed for
But Geelong weren't quite finished yet, Darren Milburn and Steven Johnson getting the Cats back into the game in
the final minute of the third quarter. But with a lead of 3 goals, the Hawks would take some chasing in the final

The Cats had fresh legs, with a full bench to choose from; while the Hawks were affected by injury. Trent Croad's
foot injury meant his grand final was over, while Stewart Dew was only able to be used sparingly. But with a
17-point lead, the Hawks still held the upper hand at the last change.
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