Richmond v St Kilda – L Montagna (St K) 9, B Goddard (St K) 7, S Milne (St K) 6, C Newman (Rich) 5, J Riewoldt (Rich) 2, R Clarke (St K) 2,
S Tuck (Rich) 1.
Carlton v Melbourne – J Waite (Carl) 6, C Bruce (Melb) 5, M Robinson (Carl) 4, M Murphy (Carl) 3, B Moloney (Melb) 2, C Judd (Carl) 2, C
Morton (Melb) 1.
Adelaide v Fremantle – S Thompson (Adel) 9, M Barlow (Freo ) 7, T Edwards (Adel) 6, D Mundy (Freo) 3, R Douglas (Adel) 3, S Goodwin
(Adel) 2, S Hill (Freo) 1.
North Melbourne v Brisbane – T Johnstone (Bris) 10, B Harvey (NthM) 4, T Rockliff (Bris) 4, A Swallow (NthM) 3, J Ziebell (NthM) 2, M
Rischitelli (Bris) 2, L Hansen (NthM) 1, L Power (Bris) 1.
West Coast v Geelong – B Waters (WCE) 9, J Bartel (Geel) 6, P Chapman (Geel) 5, A Embley (WCE) 3, G Ablett (Geel) 3, S Hurn (WCE) 1,
S Byrnes (Geel) 1.
Sydney v Essendon – J Bolton (Syd) 9, B Prismall (Ess) 5, P Ryder (Ess) 4, B Mumford (Syd) 4, A Welsh (Ess) 2, J McVeigh (Syd) 2, N
Lovett-Murray (Ess) 1, R O’Keefe (Syd) 1.
Hawthorn v Port Adelaide – L Hodge (Haw) 8, T Boak (Port) 6, D Pearce (Port) 3, B Guerra (Haw) 3, D Cassisi (Port) 2, R Ladson (Haw) 2,
B Sewell (Haw) 1.
Collingwood v Western Bulldogs – M Boyd (WBul) 8, S Pendlebury (Coll) 7, D Swan (Coll) 5, A Cooney (WBul) 5, A Didak (Coll) 4, J
Harbrow (WBul) 2, L Ball (Coll) 1, D Cross (WBul) 1.
39 - Matthew Pavlich (Freo)
39 - Brendan Fevola (Bris)
37 - Barry Hall (WBul)
35 - Jack Riewoldt (Rich)
35 - Jonathan Brown (Bris)
32 - Josh Kennedy (WCE)
31 - Steven Johnson (Geel)
27 - Brad Green (Melb)
26 - Stephen Milne (St K)
25 - Daniel Bradshaw (Syd)
25 - Jarryd Roughead (Haw)
25 - Mark LeCras (WCE)
24 - Setanta O'hAilpin (Carl)
24 - James Podsiadly (Geel)
Michael Shillito's tips in bold (59/88 to Date)

Friday 11th June
North Melbourne v Carlton (7:40pm, Docklands)
Saturday 12th June
Hawthorn v Adelaide (2:10pm, Aurora Stadium)
Essendon v
Geelong (7:10pm, Docklands)
Port Adelaide v Sydney (7:40pm, AAMI Stadium)
Sunday 13th June
Richmond v West Coast (1:10pm, MCG)
Western Bulldogs v Brisbane (2:10pm, Docklands)
Fremantle v
St Kilda (4:40pm, Subiaco Oval)
Monday 14th June
Melbourne v Collingwood (2:10pm, MCG)
THE YEAR - Standings
Dane Swan (Coll) - 59
Gary Ablett (Geel) - 56
Paul Chapman (Geel) - 45
Leigh Montagna (St K) - 45
Luke Hodge (Haw) - 44
Michael Barlow (Freo) - 42
Jimmy Bartel (Geel) - 38
Brendon Goddard (St K) - 36
Brent Harvey (NthM) - 32
Nick Dal Santo (St K) - 32
Chris Judd (Carl) - 30
Kane Cornes (Port) - 29
Matthew Boyd (WBul) - 28
St Kilda
Western Bulldogs
Port Adelaide
North Melbourne
West Coast
Richmond’s hopes of turning their first win of the season into a winning streak were ended when the Tigers fell
38 points short against St Kilda at Docklands on Friday night, the twelfth time in as many meetings that the Saints
have been the better side against the Tigers.
A low-scoring first term was followed up with a stronger St Kilda performance in the second term. Even with Nick
Riewoldt out of the team, the Saints had scoring options, none more so than Stephen Milne who stood up with
three first half goals. At half time, with the Saints 31 points clear, everything looked to be going according to the
form book.
But 10 minutes into the third term, and the Tigers had breathed some lift into a game that had looked like it was
all over. The Tigers suddenly found their momentum and form, and gave the Saints a scare with the first four
goals of the quarter. Jack Riewoldt was the star, putting his hand up with three of the goals to bring his tally to six
for the night. Suddenly the margin was back to 8 points, the contest had come back to life.
But as quickly as the challenge was issued, the Saints responded. The Saints ran the ball forward, where Milne
dribbled it through for one of his trademark goals. The Tigers’ momentum was lost, and the Saints steadied to
lead by 26 points at three-quarter time. From there, the sting had gone out of the contest, and the Saints cruised
to victory.
Milne finished with 5 goals, while Brendan Goddard was a ball magnet with 38 possessions. Jack Riewoldt
kicked 6 for the Tigers in a lone hand, but too few of his team-mates made enough of a contribution to threaten
the high-flying Saints. The Saints retain their position in the top 4, while the Tigers remain stuck on the bottom,
having not wona  game in Victoria in the first half of the season.
St Kilda                                   2.3        8.7        11.10        14.13 (97)
                              0.3        3.6           7.8           8.11 (59)
Goals : St Kilda – S Milne 5, L Montagna 2, J Koschitzke 2, B Peake 2, A McQualter, A Schneider, R
Richmond – J Riewoldt 6, A Collins 2.
Best : St Kilda – L Montagna, B Goddard, S Milne, R Clarke, L Hayes, F Ray. Richmond – C
Newman, J Riewoldt, S Tuck, R Tambling, D Martin, B Cousins.
Injuries : St Kilda – Nil. Richmond – Nil.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Margetts, Stevic, Stewart.
Crowd - 32,858 at Docklands.

A flying start by Carlton was enough to ensure the Blues would never be threatened by Melbourne during the two
teams’ clash at the MCG on Saturday afternoon. The Blues got the jump, kicking 5 goals in the first 14 minutes on
their way to a 32-point lead at the first change. It was a break that the Demons would never be able to bridge.
The second quarter was low-scoring, and as the third quarter got under way the heavens opened. But the rain
seemed to snap the Demons into action and suddenly the margin began to close. At one stage late in the quarter
the Demons got the margin back to 19 points, and appeared to have the momentum that could possibly give
them a chance to steal the game.
But the Blues steadied in the final quarter, kicking four goals to one to blow the final margin out to 41 points. It
was a disappointing fadeout for the Demons, who a month ago were threatening to push for the finals but now
find themselves still stuck in the bottom four. But for the successful Blues, the result ensures they not only stay in
the top 8 at the half-way point of the season but are in a position to push for the double-chance.
Carlton                                     7.4        9.6        11.7        15.11 (101)
Melbourne                                2.2        3.4         8.6            9.6 (60)
Goals : Carlton – R Houlihan 4, J Waite 3, B Thornton 2, E Betts 2, K Simpson, A Carrazzo, M
Robinson, C Judd.
Melbourne – B Green 3, J Watts, C Sylvia, M Bate, N Jetta, N Jones, B Moloney.
Best : Carlton – J Waite, M Robinson, M Murphy, C Judd, J Russell, R Houlihan. Melbourne – C
Bruce, B Moloney, C Morton, C Sylvia, J Grimes, M Bate.
Injuries : Carlton – Nil. Melbourne – J McDonald (hamstring soreness), N Jones (hamstring), J
Frawley (back spasms) replaced in selected side by M Warnock.
Reports : Carlton - J Waite for charging M Bate in the second quarter.
Umpires - Vozzo, Armstrong, Pannell.
Crowd - 49,745 at MCG.
Veteran Tyson Edwards hung up the boots after a successful 321-game career. And his final game was a
send-off to remember, as the Crows stunned the in-form Fremantle side to pull off an upset 23-point
The Crows were throwing caution to the wind in the first half, creating numerous attacking opportunities in
an 11-goal half to lead by 23 points at half time. Every touch by Tyson Edwards was met with a resounding
ovation from the crowd as the locals sensed the possibility of an upset. But danger signs were presented
as Phil Davis came off the worse after a collision and Andrew McLeod was stretchered off with a knee
The Dockers came out fighting in the third term, and it took all the resolve the Crows could muster to hold
them out. The Crows were only able to manage a solitary goal for the quarter while defending grimly to
hold the Dockers to three goals. And when the Dockers scored the first goal within the opening minute of
the final quarter, the margin was back to 6 points with the Dockers having the fresh legs and seemingly set
to run all over the Crows.
But Adelaide dug deep, and were able to hold out and repel the Fremantle advance. Four late goals put the
game safely in Adelaide’s keeping, giving Edwards a send-off to remember. And the retiring veteran, with
32 possessions, was among his side’s best. But Scott Thompson was the stand-out performer with 36
touches, many of them during the last quarter when the game was in the balance. And so the upset win
was accomplished, Tyson Edwards being chaired off the ground a winner.
Adelaide                          6.1        11.3        12.6        16.9 (105)
Fremantle                        5.3         7.4         10.6        12.10 (82)
Goals : Adelaide – T Walker 4, T Edwards 2, P Dangerfield 2, S Thompson 2, A McLeod, J
Petrenko, G Johncock, K Tippett, S Goodwin, J Porplyzia.
Fremantle – M Pavlich 3, M Barlow
3, S Hill 2, A Sandilands, C Mayne, J van Berlo, N Fyfe.
Best : Adelaide – S Thompson, T Edwards, R Douglas, S Goodwin, G Johncock, S Stevens.
Fremantle – M Barlow, D Mundy, S Hill, M Pavlich, A Sandilands, N Fyfe.
Injuries : Adelaide – P Davis (concussion), A McLeod (knee). Fremantle – Nil.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Avon, McInerney, Mollison.
Crowd - 35,605 at AAMI Stadium.

North Melbourne kept within striking distance of the top 8 when the Kangaroos hung on against a fast-
finishing Brisbane side to win by a point on Saturday night at Docklands.
The first quarter was one-way traffic as the Kangaroos dominated proceedings to get the game off to a
flying start. A haul of 7 goals to 2 for the quarter saw the Kangaroos lead by 33 points at the first change
and by 36 points at the long break. And with the first goal of the third quarter, the North Melbourne lead was
44 points and the game appeared destined to be a one-sided contest.
But the Lions lifted. A run of five unanswered goals in the remainder of the quarter cut the margin to 13
points at the last change, and the Brisbane charge continued in the final quarter. Although the Lions had
trailed all day, a free kick with two minutes to go gave Brendan Fevola his fifth goal and the Lions hit the
A Brisbane comeback win was scented, but the game wasn’t over yet. The Kangaroos got the centre
break, and moved the ball forward where Levi Greenwood marked in the pocket. 45 metres out, a tough
angle next to the boundary line; and the pressure was on for the young Kangaroo forward. But this was the
moment in which Greenwood arrived in the big-time. His perfectly-executed kick never looked like missing,
the goal putting the Kangaroos back in front. And they would hang on, despite the ball spending the last
minute camped on the Brisbane forward line.
North Melbourne                    7.5        10.10        11.15        12.18 (90)
Brisbane                                 2.1          5.4           10.8         13.11 (89)
Goals : North Melbourne – A Swallow 2, L Thomas 2, L Hansen 2, B Harvey, E Lower, H
McIntosh, S Wright, B Cunnington, L Greenwood.
Brisbane – B Fevola 5, J Brown 3, A
Buchanan 2, J Brennan, D Rich, M Clark.
Best : North Melbourne – B Harvey, A Swallow, J Ziebell, L Hansen, B Rawlings, R Bastinac.
Brisbane – T Johnstone, T Rockliff, M Rischitelli, L Power, M Clark, B Staker.
Injuries : North Melbourne – Nil. Brisbane – C McGrath (hamstring), L Power.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Nicholls, Hay, Wenn.
Crowd - 19,100 at Etihad Stadium.

West Coast hosted Geelong at Subiaco on Saturday night, and the Eagles kept the Cats under pressure
during the first half before the Cats assumed control in the premiership quarter to record a 4-goal win and
keep top spot on the ladder.
The Eagles let themselves down with inaccurate finishing in the first quarter, missing some shots at goal
that should have been kicked; and had the Eagles kicked those goals they may have been able to better
affect the momemtum of the match. But the Eagles stayed level with the Cats in the first half, leading for
much of the half and coming into the sheds at half time with the cores level.
The third quarter was an attacking affair, but the Cats had the attacking flair to pull away. With 7 goals to 5
for the quarter, the Cats led by 16 points at the last change. But the Eagles weren’t finished yet, and with
the first two goals in the last quarter the margin was back to 3 points and the possibility of an upset was
very much alive. But even the momentum, and the vocal crowd willing them on, was not enough for the
Eagles; as the Cats steadied with three late goals to extend the final margin to 4 goals.
Paul Chapman was a ball magnet throughout to finish with 36 possessions, while Jimmy Bartel with 30
was also a prominent performer. Shannon Byrnes was the focal point of the Cats attack, finishing with a 4-
goal haul. For the Eagles, stand-in skipper Beau Waters was a standout with 33 touches. The result keeps
the Cats on top of the ladder, but it was harder work than expected against a West Coast side that was
defeated but lost no fans with their courageous performance to push the Cats all the way.
Geelong                             4.2        8.3        15.8        18.14 (122)
West Coast                        3.7        7.9       12.10        14.14 (98)
Goals : Geelong – S Byrnes 4, S Johnson 3, G Ablett 2, D Wojcinski 2 J Podsiadly, T Hunt, T
Varcoe, J Selwood, C Enright, M Stokes, A Mackie.
West Coast – J Kennedy 3, B McKinley 3,
M LeCras 2, N Naitanui 2, A Embley, D Cox, B Ebert, B Dalziell.
Best : Geelong – J Bartel, P Chapman, G Ablett, S Byrnes, J Selwood, D Wojcinski. West
Coast –
B Waters, A Embley, S Hurn, B Dalziell, B Ebert, M Priddis.
Injuries : Geelong – C Mooney (ankle), C Ling (shoulder) replaced in selected side by T
West Coast - A Selwood (AC joint), S Butler (ankle).
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Donlon, Farmer, Dalgleish.
Crowd - 33,784 at Subiaco Oval.

A spot in the top 8 was up for grabs when Sydney hosted Essendon at the SCG on Sunday afternoon, and
the game was a cliff-hanger. Multiple lead changes throughout the match kept everyone guessing, but the
final result was that the Swans brought their four-game losing streak to an end with a thrilling 9-point win.
The lead changed 15 times in the first three quarters, and was level on several other occasions. The
Swans led by 7 points at the first change, which until the final minute of the game was the largest lead that
either side would hold all day. By half time the scores were level, and it was still tied up at three-quarter
time. The Swans had enjoyed more shots at goal, but the Bombers had made more accurate use of their
opportunities in what had become an enthralling contest.
But the Swans had two aces up their sleeve, the support of the crowd and fresh legs; with the Swans
having use of a full interchange bench while the Bombers were without key playmakers David Hille and
Angus Monfries who had both succumbed to leg injuries.
During the three-quarter time break the rain, which had been threatening all afternoon, began to tumble
down. The early stages of the last quarter was a slog in the slippery conditions, with both sides defending
grimly through 10 scoreless minutes before a Bomber behind broke the deadlock. The first goal would not
come till the 17 minute mark, when Paul Bevan snapped truly to give the Swans back the lead.
But the Bombers weren’t finished yet, Leroy Jetta goaling at the 22 minute mark to reduce the margin to 2
points. And the Swans’ nerves were on display, with Martin Mattner receiving two 50m penalties back to
back only to spray his kick wide fro 25 metres. But in the final minute, Adam Goodes stood up and was
counted, scoring the all-important goal that would put the result beyond doubt and ensure the Swans
would remain in the top 8 at the half-way point of the season.
Sydney                                   3.3        7.5        10.12        12.17 (89)
Essendon                               2.2        7.5          11.6          12.8 (80)
Goals : Sydney – G Rohan 3, J White 3, A Goodes 2, P Bevan 2, N Smith, J McVeigh.
Essendon – L Jetta 3, A Davey 2, S Gumbleton 2, S Lonergan, A Welsh, B Howlett, M
McVeigh, D Zaharakis.
Best : Sydney – J Bolton, S Mumford, J McVeigh, R O’Keefe, B Kirk, K Jack. Essendon – B
Prismall, P Ryder, A Welsh, N Lovett-Murray, M McVeigh, J Watson.
Injuries : Sydney – Nil. Essendon - D Hille (hamstring), A Monfries (hamstring), B Stanton
(ankle) replaced in selected side by B Howlett.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - McBurney, McLaren, Meredith.
Crowd - 29,329 at the SCG.

After a sluggish opening to the season, the Hawks have hit their straps in the last month; and despite
being well below their best when they took on Port Adelaide at the MCG on Sunday afternoon the Hawks
did enough to record their fourth win on the trot and move into the top 8.
Wet conditions made ball handling difficult during the first term, but neither side was playing well during a
quarter when the Hawks would score the only two goals. But the Hawks lifted in the second term, a run of 5
goals extending the Hawthorn lead to 27 points at the long break. Port were their own worst enemy, the
Power squandering numerous opportunities in the first half to score 2.10 for the half and find themselves
well down in a game where they should have been considerably closer.
Port improved after the break and got themselves back into the contest, briefly hitting the lead early in the
final quarter as the Hawks struggled to create any drive from their midfield. The game hadn’t been
inspiring, both sides committing multiple skill errors and putting on displays of sloppy play. But at least
fans would have some excitement during the final term, as althoughthe standard of play wasn’t great, the
game would at least be redeemed by a close finish.
But when the game was there to be won, it was the Hawks who stepped forward, and with the last two
goals of the game the Hawks would take the points. It was the Hawks’ fourth win in a row, while the Port
losing streak has blown out to 4 games; a season that looked to be slipping away from the Hawks a
month ago is now well and truly back on track, while Port’s losing streak is seriously threatening to derail a
season that had started so promisingly.
Hawthorn                                  2.4        7.7        8.9        10.14 (74)
Port Adelaide                             0.5      2.10       5.13        8.15 (63)
Goals : Hawthorn - B Whitecross 2, M Osborne 2, R Ladson, 2 C Rioli, C Young, J
Roughead, L Hodge.
Port Adelaide - B Ebert 2, J Davenport 2, D Stewart, M Thomas, S
Salopek, T Logan.
Best : Hawthorn – L Hodge, B Guerra, R Ladson, B Sewell, J Lewis, C Bateman. Port
Adelaide –
T Boak, D Pearce, D Cassisi, T Logan, K Cornes, D Rodan.
Injuries : Hawthorn – C Young (thigh). Port Adelaide – P Stewart (ankle).
Reports – Nil. Umpires - C Kamolins, B Rosebury, H Ryan.
Crowd – 21,287 at MCG.

Collingwood moved up to outright second on the ladder as the Magpies held out a determined final quarter
charge from the Western Bulldogs to record a 10-point win in the twilight match at Docklands on Sunday.
The Magpies set up the foundations in the second quarter, a 5-goal term giving them a 19-point lead at the
long break. And the third term saw the Magpies capitalise. It was a high-scoring affair, both sides playing
open, free-flowing footy and the forwards were capitalising on their opportunities. 8 goals to 5 for the
quarter, a 36-minute epic, saw the Magpies leading by 37 points and the game looked done and dusted.
But the Bulldogs never surrendered, and came out fighting in the final quarter. Shutting the Collingwood
midfield down, the Bulldogs ran through six goals to one for the quarter, and the Magpie lead which had
been 43 points late in the third term was whittled down to just 9 points with still a few minutes left on the
clock. But the Bulldog drive finished there, and the final two goals needed to pull off the miracle comeback
would not be forthcoming.
The Collingwood midfield, especially during the middle two quarters, was close to unstoppable. Scott
Pendlebury with 35 possessions and Dane Swan with 33 were again controlling the ball at will, while
small forwards Alan Didak and Leon Davis picked up three goals apiece. The Bulldogs were hampered by
injuries to Shaun Higgins and Brian Lake, but Barry Hall with 4 goals was a key focal point in the Bulldogs’
final quarter revival.
Collingwood                            3.3        8.5        16.7        17.11 (113)
Western Bulldogs                    2.2        5.4        10.6         16.7  (103)
Goals : Collingwood – A Didak 3, L Davis 3, L Brown 2, S Wellingham 2, T Cloke, D Jolly, J
Fraser, H O’Brien, D Beams, S Pendlebury, D Swan.
Bulldogs – B Hall 4, W Minson 3, A
Cooney 2, J Hill 2, D Moles, M Boyd, B Lake, B Stack, J Grant.
Best : Collingwood – S Pendlebury, D Swan, A Didak, L Ball, D Thomas, B Reid. Bulldogs –
M Boyd, A Cooney, J Harbrow, D Cross, B Hall, W Minson.
Injuries : Collingwood – Nil. Bulldogs – S Higgins (ankle), B Lake (knee).
Reports : Bulldogs - B Hudson for rough conduct on L Ball in the second quarter.
Umpires - Chamberlain, Findlay, Ryan.
Crowd - 40,813 at Docklands.
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