A massive crowd of over 88,000 came to the MCG on Friday night for the clash of traditional rivals Collingwood
and Carlton. And it was the Magpies who emerged with bragging rights, after completing a 28-point victory to
remain undefeated in 2011.
The Blues gave the defending champions plenty to think about during the first quarter, one in which there were
several lead changes. The Blues led by a point at the first change, but the Magpies took the ascendancy in the
second term, building what would become a match-winning lead. A run of five goals to one for the quarter saw
the Magpies leading by 27 points at the long break.
But the Blues fought back in the third term, two goals in the first five minutes putting the Blues back in
contention. But, with the game up for grabs, young forward Jarryd Blair put his hand up. Blair twice showed
strength to take pack marks within reach of goal, and kicking truly both times he restored the Collingwood
advantage. For all Carlton’s efforts, and their attempted comeback, they were unable to win the quarter; and at
the last change the Collingwood lead was still 27 points.
Try as they might, the Blues were unable to find a way back into the contest, and the Magpies were content to sit
back and count down time till their victory. Unlike Collingwood’s earlier games this season, there was no one-
sided blowout and the Blues matched the Magpies around the ground for much of the game. But the Magpies
had the answers when it mattered. Jarryd Blair was the star for the Magpies with a 5-goal haul, while Dane
Swan and Heath Shaw were again influential.
Collingwood                                 4.2        9.7        12.8        15.12 (102)
Carlton                                         4.3        5.4          8.5          11.8 (74)
Goals : Collingwood – J Blair 5, C Dawes 3, A Krakouer 2, T Cloke 2, D Jolly, A Didak, L Ball.
Carlton – J Garlett 3, J Waite 2, S Hampson, K Simpson, B Thornton, M Robinson, B Gibbs, E
Best : Collingwood – D Swan, H Shaw, T Cloke, C Dawes, S Pendlebury, J Blair. Carlton – C
Judd, E Curnow, H Scotland, J Garlett, M Jamison, B Thornton.
Injuries : Collingwood – Nil. Carlton – Nil.
Substitutions : Collingwood - A Toovey replaced by L Davis in the fourth quarter. Carlton - A
Walker replaced by A Collins in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Stevic, Ryan, Meredith.
Crowd - 88,181 at the MCG.

Gold Coast’s first away trip may not have been quite as bad as their nightmare at home last week, but the Suns
were never in the contest and went down by 71 points to a rampant Western Bulldogs side at Docklands on
The Bulldogs wasted little time in locking the Suns out of the contest, holding the visitors to one goal in the first
term and leading by 27 points at the first change. The Bulldogs continued their onslaught in the second term to
lead by 45 points at half time.
The Suns had put up little resistance on the scoreboard, and less around the ground. When they needed a
spark, they were let down by experienced defender Campbell Brown; who is likely to face the ire of the video
review after heavy hits on Callan Ward and Barry Hall, incidents that also led to free kicks resulting in Bulldog
The second half was lower scoring, with the Bulldogs kicking seven goals to three, but it was enough to
ensure a runaway victory for the Bulldogs and ensure a handy percentage boost. The young Gold Coast
side tried hard, but lacked the firepower of the seasoned Bulldogs side.
Barry Hall finished with five goals for the game, including his 700th career goal. Daniel Cross was an
irrepressible force, getting the ball 37 times; while Matthew Boyd with 36 possessions and Ryan Griffen
with 32 were also ball magnets. Brownlow Medallist Gary Ablett was the Suns’ best, but too many of his
team-mates were out of their depth and have much to learn about playing at this level.
Western Bulldogs          5.5   11.7   15.9     18.14 (122)
Gold Coast                     1.2   4.4     6.6       7.9  (51)
Goals : Bulldogs – B Hall 5, J Roughead 2, J Hill 2, A Cooney 2, S Higgins, C Ward, L
Picken, B Hudson, R Griffen, J Sherman, R Murphy.
Gold Coast – D Stanley 2, D Gorringe, Z
Smith, H Bennell, B Matera, J Brennan.
Best : Bulldogs – S Higgins, M Boyd, D Cross, R Griffen, J Hill, R Murphy. Gold Coast – G
Ablett, D Prestia, N Bock, C Brown, J Brennan, M Coad.
Injuries : Bulldogs – D Giansiracusa (gastro), B Hudson (ankle). Gold Coast – K Hunt
(cramp), D Prestia (cramp).
Substitutions : Bulldogs - D Giansiracusa (concussion) replaced by B Stack in the third
Gold Coast - N Krakouer replaced by A Magin in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Kennedy, Kamolins, Ryan.
Crowd - 21,373 at Etihad Stadium.

Adelaide, coming off the bye, find themselves at risk of falling behind the pack when the Crows went
down by 25 points to Fremantle at AAMI Stadium on Saturday afternoon.
In a lopsided opening quarter, Fremantle dominated possession and starved the Crows of use of the
ball. The Dockers scored five unanswered goals for the quarter, their miserly defence holding the Crows
at bay as the midfield racked up stat after stat. The only surprise from the run of play was that the Dockers
weren’t further in front, as the Crows never looked competitive.
A low-scoring second quarter saw each side score two goals; but the Crows’ plight worsened when Phil
Davis departed the scene with a shoulder injury, forcing the Crows to use their sub before half time.
The ground had faced windy conditions all afternoon, and as the swirling wind gained in the third quarter,
kicking long became difficult and dangerous and anticipating the run of play was tricky. The Crows won
the quarter, scoring two goals and holding the Dockers to a solitary goal for the quarter, but with the
Dockers still 26 points ahead at the last change, the Crows were never a chance to get back into the
contest. From there it was just a matter of playing out time, and the Dockers were content to sit on their
margin and ensure victory. But it was a win that came at a price for the Dockers, with star ruckman Aaron
Sandilands copping a knock to the eye in a ruck contest and being subbed out of the game during the
third quarter.
Fremantle                                   5.3        7.7        8.11        11.13 (79)
Adelaide                                     0.3        2.5         4.9          7.12 (54)
Goals : Fremantle – A McPhee 2, C Mayne 2, K Bradley, N Fyfe, R Crowley, D Mundy, R
Palmer, M Walters, S Hill.
Adelaide – T Walker 2, B Vince, P Dangerfield, S McKernan, S
Stevens, M Jaensch.
Best : Fremantle – N Fyfe, D Mundy, N Suban, C Mayne, K Bradley, R Palmer. Adelaide – S
Thompson, P Dangerfield, B Vince, B Smith, T Walker, M Jaensch.
Injuries : Fremantle – A Sandilands (eye). Adelaide – P Davis (shoulder).
Substitutions : Fremantle - A Sandilands (eye) replaced by M Walters in the third quarter.
Adelaide - P Davis (shoulder) replaced by B Martin in the second quarter.
Reports : Adelaide - I Maric for engaging in rough conduct against M Walters in the final
Umpires - Margetts, Rosebury, Jennings.
Crowd - 33,414 at AAMI Stadium.

The heavens opened over Melbourne on Saturday night, and the Richmond v Hawthorn game was played
in wet and slippery conditions. And the Richmond mood matched the gloomy weather, as the Tigers were
humbled by 63 points by a red-hot Hawthorn side.
Rated by many judges as premiership contenders this season, the Hawks had got off to a slow start in
their first two games. But, adapting to the wet conditions far better than the Tigers, the Hawks hit the
ground running with the first seven goals of the game. And the one-sided nature of proceedings
continued in the second half, as the Hawks managed 11 goals to 2 for the first half and led by 53 points at
the long break.
It had been a devastating burst by the Hawks, particularly Jordan Lewis who picked up the ball 20 times
in the first half on his way to a return of 32 possessions for the match. Also prominent for the Hawks was
Buddy Franklin, who was a pivotal influence up forward and would finish with 32 possessions for the day.
The third quarter was more competitive, the teams scoring two goals apiece. When the Tigers did get the
ball, they were placed under intense pressure and would spray the ball wide; going on to finish the
evening with a score of 6.16. And the Hawks would give the Tigers no respite in the final quarter, as they
scored four goals to two to push the final margin beyond 10 goals. After an opening round loss to the
Crows, and winning ugly against Melbourne in round 2, this was the Hawks’ best performance of the year
to date, and one that gave hope that their game plan may click into place. But for the Tigers, down for so
many years, it was another poor result which sees them winless after three rounds.
Hawthorn                          7.1        11.6        13.12        17.13 (115)
Richmond                          1.3          2.7         4.11           6.16 (52)
Goals : Hawthorn – L Franklin 5, J Roughead 3, L Hodge, S Savage 2, S Burgoyne, X Ellis,
B Guerra, D Hale, M Osborne.
Richmond – J King 2, S Grigg, B Helbig, J Riewoldt, T Vickery.
Best : Hawthorn – J Lewis, L Shiels, L Franklin, B Renouf, S Burgoyne, X Ellis. Richmond –
D Jackson, D Martin, R Nahas, N Foley, S Grigg, A Graham.
Injuries : Hawthorn – S Mitchell (unavailable) replaced in selected side by B Guerra. B
Stratton (dislocated knee), M Osborne (calf).
Richmond – Nil.
Substitutions : Hawthorn – M Osborne (calf) replaced by C Bruce in the third quarter.
Richmond – R Conca replaced by S Edwards in the third quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - Vozzo, Findlay, Mollison.
Crowd - 46,369 at the MCG.

West Coast and Sydney have had some epic battles over the last few years. The 2005 and 2006 Grand
Finals went down to the wire, and plenty of other games between the two clubs have been in doubt until
the end. And Saturday night at Subiaco saw another roller-coaster, as momentum swung between the
two sides; but at the end it was the Swans who ran out victorious, taking the match by 13 points.
Scores were level at quarter time, and the tide continued to ebb and flow during the second term; and
after numerous lead changes, the Swans led by three points at the long break. The Swans made a break
early in the third term, kicking the first two goals to go 17 points clear. But then it was West Coast’s turn to
step up, with four goals in a row to take the lead at the last change; and then the first goal in the last to go
13 points ahead.
But the Swans weren’t finished yet, and within minutes the game was back on level terms. And with the
game in the balance, dual Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes put his hand up and played a key role to
turn the momentum Sydney’s way, picking up 10 touches in the final quarter and kicking two goals. And
with Andrejs Everitt moving forward in time-on to kick the two goals that would put the result beyond doubt,
it was the Swans who would emerge victorious from this arm wrestle of a contest.
Adam Goodes played a key role for the Swans to get the Sydney team over the line. Also important was
Jude Bolton, whose 19 tackles prevented the Eagles from getting any easy possessions, while Kieran
Jack was also a big possession-getter. For the Eagles, the ruck duo of Dean Cox and Nic Naitanui
dominated the hit-outs all evening to give the Eagle midfielders first use of the footy. It was another
closely contested match, befitting the recent history between these two teams; but it was the Swans who
would remain undefeated, returning home across the Nullabor with the all-important two points.
Sydney                                   3.3        7.5        9.10        15.11 (101)
West Coast                             3.3        6.8       10.10        13.10 (88)
Goals : Sydney – J White, A Goodes 3, A Everitt, B McGlynn 2, L Jetta, R Shaw, J Bolton, G
Rohan, N Smith.
West Coast – Q Lynch 4, D Cox 2, A Embley, B Ebert, J Kennedy, A Gaff, L
Shuey, A Selwood, N Naitanui.
Best : Sydney – J Bolton, K Jack, A Goodes, A Everitt, S Mumford, J McVeigh. West Coast –
D Cox, A Embley, N Naitanui, M Priddis, A Selwood, P McGinnity.
Injuries : Sydney – Nil. West Coast – Nil.
Substitutions : Sydney - S Reid replaced by G Rohan in the third quarter. West Coast - E
Mackenzie replaced by A Gaff in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Bowen, Nicholls, Jeffery.
Crowd - 37,288 at Patersons Stadium.

After a terrible 2010, and an indifferent start to 2011, Brisbane were under pressure when they travelled to
the MCG to take on the Demons. But the Lions rose to the occasion early, getting out to an early lead and
threatening to upset the Demons before the home side steadied to take control late in the game and
break through for their first win of 2011.
The Lions, under pressure in the media during the week, responded magnificently in the first quarter, with
a run of five goals to one; catching the Demons off-guard with their intensity and hard play at the ball as
they went to a 25-point lead at the first change. And with the first goal in the second term, the Lions led by
30 points and a potential upset was on the cards.
But the Demons lifted, and worked their way back into the game. By half time the margin was back to
within a kick, and early in the third term the Demons took the lead. But midway through the quarter, the
rain came, the ground became heavy and ball handling was tricky.  Both sides deployed their substitutes
during time-on in the third term, looking for some fresh legs in the wet conditions.
The Demons led by 16 points at three-quarter time, but the Lions weren’t finished yet. A goal came early,
and for 20 minutes the game was a defensive slog. But when Luke Power goaled at the 22-minute mark,
the margin was back to five points and the game was very much up for grabs. But the Lions were unable
to get the final goal that would have given them the win; instead it was Aboriginal dynamo Liam Jurrah
who stood up to mark and kick the winning goal, his fifth of the contest and one that wrapped up the
result. The Demons had broken through for their first goal for 2011, but the Lions would have to wait at
least another week to break their duck.
Melbourne                         1.1        6.3        11.7        12.10 (82)
Brisbane                            5.2        7.3         9.3          11.5 (71)
Goals : Melbourne – L Jurrah 5, A Wonaeamirri, J Gysberts, J Grimes, C Sylvia, J Bennell, L
Dunn, B Moloney.
Brisbane – L Power 4, T Banfield 2, A Polkinghorne, M Leuenberger, J
Redden, M Clark, T Rockliff.
Best : Melbourne – B Moloney, M Jamar, J Gysberts, L Jurrah, N Jones, J Rivers. Brisbane –
T Rockliff, M Clark, J Adcock, J Redden, L Power, M Leuenberger.
Substitutions : Melbourne – J Watts replaced by C Morton in the third quarter. Brisbane –
A Cornelius replaced by R Bewick in the third quarter.
Injuries : Melbourne – Nil. Brisbane – M Clark (dislocated finger).
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Schmitt, Chamberlain, Keating.
Crowd - 24,380 at MCG.

Since Geelong and Port Adelaide played off in the most one-sided Grand Final ever, in 2007, the fortunes
of the two clubs have taken vastly different turns. The Cats, after their resounding win in that game,
appeared in the next two Grand Finals, took the 2009 flag, and had a preliminary final appearance last
year. But for Port Adelaide, three years away from the finals have followed, and the Power are yet to record
a victory in 2011. And the Power’s fortunes took another turn for the worse when they were humiliated by
79 points at Skilled Stadium on Sunday afternoon.
It wasn’t a brilliant exhibition of football. Windy conditions made for a difficult afternoon of footy, and
particularly had an impact on the accuracy in front of goals in the first half. But Geelong had far less
trouble with the tricky conditions, and were consistently first to the ball, leaving the hapless Power in their
There was only seven points in it at the first change, but by half time the lead had stretched to 30 points.
And it was a lead that could have been even more, Geelong’s score of 6.11 including several missed
shots that could have been converted into goals. By the last change the margin had blown out to 43
points, and the Cats were in complete control in the last quarter with a return of 6.6 to 1.0 to turn the game
into a blowout.
Jimmy Bartel was in spectacular form, taking 13 marks to consistently turn the Cats into an attacking
position. James Kelly was a ball magnet all afternoon with 38 possessions, while Joel Selwood with 34
and Cameron Ling with 31 also had plenty of the footy. But it was a solid team performance by the Cats.
13 of their number scored goals, while few found themselves under any pressure by the disappointing
Port Adelaide side.
Geelong                     2.6        6.11        11.14        17.20 (122)
Port Adelaide             1.5         2.5           5.7             6.7 (43)
Goals : Geelong – P Chapman 2, D Menzel 2, J Bartel 2, M Duncan 2, S Johnson, S Hunt, M
Stokes, C Ling, J Podsiadly, B Ottens, T Hawkins, J Corey, A Christensen.
Port Adelaide –
R Gray 2, J Westhoff, P Stewart, C Cornes, H Hartlett.
Best : Geelong – J Bartel, J Kelly, J Selwood, M Duncan, B Ottens, C Ling. Port Adelaide –
D Brogan, T Boak, T Chaplin, M Broadbent, C Cornes, J Pittard.
Injuries : Geelong – Nil. Port Adelaide – Nil.
Substitutions : Geelong - H Taylor replaced by A Christensen in the third term. Port
Adelaide -
J Irons replaced by Jason Davenport in the third term.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Stewart, Hay, Wenn.
Crowd - 22,420 at Skilled Stadium.

For all St Kilda’s success in the last few years, Essendon has been a thorn in their side. The Bombers
ended their long winning streak in 2009, and defeated them twice in 2010. And again the Saints were on
the wrong side of the scoreboard after a clash with the Bombers when they were resoundingly defeated
by 52 points in the twilight match at Docklands on Sunday.
From the start it was one-way traffic, as the Bombers took control during a shootout in the opening
quarter. The Bombers kicked eight goals to five in the opening term to lead by 17 points at quarter time,
and although the game tightened after the first change, the Bombers made the most of their chances to
kick an accurate 13.2 in the first half and lead by 33 points at the long break.
The Saints looked shellshocked, as the Bombers outran, out-tackled and outplayed the Saints. And,
tightening the screws in the premiership quarter, the Bombers added another six goals to one, blowing
the margin to over 10 goals at the last change, and even with the Saints winning the last quarter, victory
for the Bombers was assured.
Essendon captain Jobe Watson was unstoppable, and even when marked by Brendon Goddard, was
accumulating possessions at will. Watson finished with 33 touches and three goals in a best-on-ground
performance, guiding his Bomber charges to a win that sees them emerge from some disappointing
form in recent seasons to become a genuine finals contender in 2011. With the confidence and speed
that coach James Hird has instilled in his young charges, hopes are rising that the Bombers can lift
themselves substantially up the ladder this season.
Essendon                         8.2        13.2        19.5        21.10 (136)
St Kilda                            5.3          7.5          8.9         12.12 (84)
Goals : Essendon – M Hurley 3, J Watson 3, J Winderlich 3, D Zaharakis 3, B Howlett, A
Monfries, P Ryder 2, S Crameri, L Jetta, T Bellchambers.
St Kilda – N Riewoldt 3, S Milne 2,
J Steven 2, N Dal Santo, S Fisher, J Gram, L Montagna, R Stanley.
Best : Essendon – J Watson, S Crameri, T Bellchambers, B Howlett, H Hocking, D
St Kilda – J Gram, N Dal Santo, F Ray, L Montagna, N Riewoldt, B Goddard.
Injuries : Essendon – Nil. St Kilda – Nil.
Substitutions : Essendon - A Monfries replaced by A Davey in the third quarter. St Kilda -
R Gamble replaced by B Peake in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Donlon, McBurney, Armstrong.
Crowd - 47,762 at Etihad Stadium.
Western Bulldogs
West Coast
St Kilda
North Melbourne
Port Adelaide
Gold Coast
Collingwood v Carlton – D Swan (Coll) 6, C Judd (Carl) 4, H Shaw (Coll) 4, E Curnow (Carl) 3, T Cloke (Coll) 2, H Scotland (Carl) 1, C
Dawes (Coll) 1.
Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast – S Higgins (WBul) 8, M Boyd (WBul) 7, D Cross (WBul) 5, G Ablett (GCst) 3, R Griffen (WBul) 3, J Hill
(WBul) 2, D Presia (GCst) 1.
Adelaide v Fremantle – S Thompson (Adel) 9, N Fyfe (Freo) 6, D Mundy (Freo) 5, P Dangerfield (Adel) 3, N Suban (Freo) 2, B Vince (Adel) 1,
C Mayne (Freo) 1.
Richmond v Hawthorn – J Lewis (Haw) 8, L Shiels (Haw) 4, D Jackson (Rich) 3, L Franklin (Haw) 3, B Renouf (Haw) 2, D Martin (Rich) 1, S
Burgoyne (Haw) 1.
West Coast v Sydney – J Bolton (Syd) 7, D Cox (WCE) 6, K Jack (Syd) 4, A Embley (WCE) 3, A Goodes (Syd) 3, N Naitanui (WCE) 2, A
Everitt (Syd) 1.
Melbourne v Brisbane – B Moloney (Melb) 8, T Rockliff (Bris) 7, M Clark (Bris) 5, J Adcock (Bris) 4, M Jamar (Melb) 3, J Gysberts (Melb) 2, J
Redden (Bris) 1, L Jurrah (Melb) 1, L Power (Bris) 1.
Geelong v Port Adelaide – J Bartel (Geel) 10, J Kelly (Geel) 9, J Selwood (Geel) 5, D Brogan (Port) 2, M Duncan (Geel) 2, T Boak (Port) 1, B
Ottens (Geel) 1.
St Kilda v Essendon – J Watson (Ess) 8, J Gram (St K) 4, S Crameri (Ess) 4, T Bellchambers (Ess) 3, N Dal Santo (St K) 2, B Howlett (Ess)
1, H Hocking (Ess) 1.
10 - Jarryd Blair (Coll)
10 - Jeff Garlett (Carl)
10 - Barry Hall (WBul)
9 - Liam Jurrah (Melb)
9 - Chris Dawes (Coll)
9 - Travis Cloke (Coll)
9 - Lance Franklin (Haw)
8 - Shaun Burgoyne (Haw)
8 - Ben McGlynn (Syd)
7 - Nick Riewoldt (St K)
7 - Jude Bolton (Syd)
7 - Jack Riewoldt (Rich)
7 - Jarryd Roughead (Haw)
7 - Michael Hurley (Ess)
Michael Shillito's tips in bold (16/24 to Date)

Friday 15th April
Richmond v Collingwood (7:40pm, MCG)
Saturday 16th April
Hawthorn v West Coast (2:10pm, Aurora Stadium)
Carlton v
Essendon (2:10pm, MCG)
Sydney v
Geelong (7:10pm, SCG)
Port Adelaide v
Adelaide (7:40pm, AAMI Stadium)
Sunday 17th April
Gold Coast v Melbourne (2:10pm, Gabba)
Fremantle v North Melbourne (4:40pm, Patersons Stad)
BYE - Brisbane, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs.
THE YEAR - Standings
Dane Swan (Coll) - 27
Bryce Gibbs (Carl) - 19
Jobe Watson (Ess) - 19
Andrew Embley (WCE) - 17
Scott Pendlebury (Coll) - 16
Jude Bolton (Syd) - 15
Dean Cox (WCE) - 14
Matthew Boyd (WBul) - 14
James Bartel (Geel) - 13
David Mundy (Freo) - 12
Brent Moloney (Melb) - 12
Nick Dal Santo (St K) - 11
Ryan Griffen (WBul) - 11
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Sydney v Nth Melb (10/7/10)
Sydney v Hawthorn (7/8/10)
NAB - GWS/Syd/GCst (19/2/11)
Essendon v Coll'wood (25/4/11)
Sydney v Richmond (12/6/11)
Sydney v Collingwood (25/6/11)
GWS Giants v Sydney (23/7/11)
Sydney v W Bulldogs (23/7/11)
GWS Giants v NT T'dr (6/8/11)
NAB - GWS/WBul/Coll (18/2/12)
NAB - Sydney v NMelb (3/3/12)
GWS Giants v Sydney (24/3/12)
Sydney v Fremantle (7/4/12)
GWSGiants v WCoast (15/4/12)
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2009 Finals Week 1
2009 Finals Week 2
2009 Preliminary Finals
2010 Pre-Season Week 1
2010 Pre-Season Week 2
2010 Pre-Season Week 3
2010 Pre-Season Week 4
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A Tale of Two Matches
Round 20 2010 Scoreboard
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Round 22 2010 Scoreboard
GWS Giants Launch - Nov10
2011 Pre-Season Week 1
2011 Pre-Season Week 2
2011 Pre-Season Week 3
2011 Pre-Season Week 4
2011 Pre-Season Week 5
Round 1 2011 Scoreboard
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2012 Pre-Season Week 1
2012 Pre-Season Week 2
2012 Pre-Season Week 3
2012 Pre-Season Week 4
2012 Pre-Season Week 5
Opener 2012 - GWS v Syd
Round 1 2012 Scoreboard
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2013 Pre-Season Week 1
2013 Pre-Season Week 2