Thursday night at the Gabba saw Brisbane and St Kilda in action, with both teams looking to break through for
their first win of the season. And after an even first three quarters, it was St Kilda who would break away during
the latter stages of the contest to take a 13-point victory.
It wasn’t a great game, but an error-riddled scrap in slippery conditions; but the scores remained close
throughout the evening as the two desperate teams strove for something that would turn their embattled seasons
around. There were numerous lead changes in the first three quarters. The Saints led by four points at quarter
time and maintained that margin at half time. But the Lions had taken the lead by the last change, and held a 5-
point advantage.
But the Saints quickly took the lead at the start of the final quarter, the first of a run of four unanswered goals that
put the game out of Brisbane’s reach. The Lions tried to fight back, and did manage two goals late in the game,
but it would be the Saints who would get the breakthrough victory. After an off-season where the club was plagued
with off-field scandal and a poor start to the season, the 2009 and 2010 Grand Finallists finally had something
positive. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a valuable win.
Leigh Montagna was unstoppable in the midfield, accumulating 33 possessions for the game; while Adam
Schneider and Brendan Goddard also played valuable roles. Jack Redden was magnificent for the Lions,
repelling numerous St Kilda attacks, while Jed Adcock and Tom Rockliff were also prominent. But this was St
Kilda’s night, and may be the spark that kick-starts their season after a poor start.
St Kilda                                        5.2        6.4        9.4        13.11 (89)
Brisbane                                      4.4        5.6        9.9        11.10 (76)
Goals : St Kilda – A Schneider 3, S Milne 2, J Gram 2, J Steven 2, F Ray, B Goddard, N Riewoldt, N
Dal Santo.
Brisbane – M Clark 4, J Redden 2, J Polkinghorne, J Polec, J Adcock, L Power, T Rockliff.
Best : St Kilda – L Montagna, A Schneider, B Goddard, S Fisher, C Jones, F Ray. Brisbane – J
Redden, J Adcock, T Rockliff, S Black, D Merrett, B McCauley.
Injuries : St Kilda – Nil. Brisbane – R Bewick (back).
Substitutions : St Kilda – R Stanley replaced by A McQualter in the third quarter. Brisbane – R
Bewick replaced by A Cornelius in the second quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Donlon, Kamolins, Jeffery.
Crowd - 22,520 at the Gabba.

The football world was in shock, and Port Adelaide stunned, as Gold Coast recorded their first AFL victory, getting
up in a thrilling 3-point result at AAMI Stadium on Saturday afternoon.
Port Adelaide led all day until the final two minutes. Although the margin was short of some of Gold Coast’s
drubbings earlier in the season, the Power looked to have things under control for most of the afternoon. The
Power led by 19 points at quarter time, and by 23 points at the long break. At one stage during the third quarter the
Port Adelaide lead was out to 40 points, and even with the Suns scoring the last two goals of the quarter, the
Power still held a 28-point lead at the last change.
But, against all expectations, the Suns came out firing in the last quarter and began to rein in the deficit. A run of
six goals to one for the quarter saw Port’s lead evaporate, and with two minutes left on the clock, Luke Russell
gave the Suns a shock lead and hopes grew of a stunning upset.
But in the final seconds before the siren, Justin Westhoff marked 35 metres from goal on an angle. The
siren went as Westhoff lined up his shot, and the football world held their breath. But Westhoff’s shot
sailed wide, going through for a behind; and the Gold Coast had taken out a remarkable win. After three
hefty defeats, it was a moment to savour for the AFL’s newest club; and a welcome morale boost for the
AFL’s ambitious expansion plans after severe criticism following Gold Coast’s early season results.
Gold Coast                               2.2        5.6        9.9        15.14  (104)

Port Adelaide                           5.3        9.5       14.7       15.11  (101)

Goals : Gold Coast – B Matera 4, M Rischitelli 2, C Dixon 2, L Russell 2, J Brennan, Z Smith,
T McKenzie, G Ablett, H Bennell.
Port Adelaide – D Motlop 4, H Hartlett 2, J Surjan 2, T
Boak, B Ebert, C Cornes, J Westhoff, D Stewart, J Davenport, J Trengove.
Best : Gold Coast – M Rischitelli, J Brennan, J Fraser, B Matera, G Ablett, T McKenzie. Port
Adelaide –
H Hartlett, T Chaplin, D Motlop, J Westhoff, A Carlyle, J Surjan.
Injuries : Gold Coast - M Shaw (general soreness) replaced in selected side by M Weller.
Port Adelaide - D Brogan (achilles) replaced in selected side by D Stewart.
Substitutions : Gold Coast - D Gorringe replaced by L Russell in the third quarter. Port
Adelaide -
D Rodan replaced by J Davenport in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Kennedy, Leppard, Hay.
Crowd - 21,287 at AAMI Stadium.

There were sighs of relief at Carlton, but disappointment for Adelaide, when the Blues came out on top
with a 6-point win after a see-sawing encounter at Docklands on Saturday night.
It took just 14 seconds for Eddie Betts to receive the ball from the centre break and snap truly to give the
Blues the first goal of the game. It was part of a strong start for the Blues, in which they would kick five
goals to one to lead by 27 points at the first change. But whatever Crows’ mentor Neil Craig said to his
charges at quarter time had the desired effect, and the Crowd began to contest harder for the ball and to
reduce their numbers of turnovers and unforced errors.
The Blues were their own worst enemy, and in the two middle quarters would kick 3.12.  But they were still
able to take a 10-point lead into the long break. The Crows hit the front during the third term, but the Blues
steadied and regained the lead, with a 7 point margin at the last change.
The lead would continue to fluctuate during the final quarter; and at the 28-minute mark the scores were
level. The Blues were facing the prospect of playing in two draws in a row, which would have been the
fourth across the competition already this season. But with the game in the balance, Jordan Russell made
the decisive move to mark and goal, enough to get the Blues over the line.
Marc Murphy was a ball magnet all day, to finish with 34 possessions; while Chris Judd racked up 32 in
another dominant individual display. Up forward, Andrew Walker finished with four valuable goals. The
Crows didn’t have a prolific possession-getter to match Murphy or Judd, but Graeme Johncock and
Nathan Van  Berlo worked hard all evening.
Carlton                                         5.5        6.12        8.17        11.19 (85)
Adelaide                                       1.2         6.2          9.4          12.7 (79)
Goals : Carlton – A Walker 4, J Waite 2, D Ellard 2, E Betts, J Garlett, J Russell. Adelaide –
T Walker 4, K Tippett 3, S McKernan 2, M Jaensch, S Thompson, B Vince.
Best : Carlton – M Murphy, D Ellard, C Judd, A Walker, K Simpson, H Scotland. Adelaide – G
Johncock, N Van Berlo, C Knights, K Tippett, S Thompson, B Reilly.
Injuries : Carlton – C Yarran (hamstring cramp). Adelaide – D Symes (broken nose), M
Jaensch (corked thigh).
Substitutions : Carlton - C Yarran (hamstring cramp) replaced by A Joseph at the 19-
minute mark of the third quarter.
Adelaide - M Jaensch (corked thigh) replaced by B Martin
at the 21-minute mark of the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Rosebury, Stewart, Wenn.
Crowd - 37,607 at Etihad Stadium.

The  only game on Easter Sunday saw North Melbourne taking on Richmond at Docklands, both sides
looking to break through for their first win of the season. And it would be the Tigers who would break
through to open their 2011 account, coming from behind to defeat the Kangaroos by nine points.
The early stages of the match favoured the Kangaroos, as they kicked five goals to one in the opening term
to lead by 22 points at the first change. Drew Petrie was looking dangerous up forward, with three goals in
the opening term. But although the Kangaroos were looking strong, Richmond hung in there and the 22-
point margin was the biggest lead the Kangaroos would be allowed to get, as the Tigers fought back in the
second term to cut the margin to 10 points at half time.
It was four goals apiece in the third term. The Tigers attempted to launch a comeback, but the Kangaroos
had the answers to everything the Tigers would throw at them during the quarter. With a 13-point lead at
the last change, the Kangaroos were confident of having enough of a buffer to hold the Tigers out.
But it wasn’t to be, at the Tigers assumed control in the final term. The Kangaroos had their chances, and
had 10 scoring shots to 7 for the quarter; but their inaccuracy would let them down. The Tigers kicked 7.0
for the quarter to North’s 2.8. Many of the Kangaroos’ shots at goal were kickable, but the missed chances
would cost them dearly. The Tigers took the lead for the first time in the game as the clock ticked into time-
on, and although they would lead for only 10 minutes of the game, it was the 10 minutes that mattered.
Jack Riewoldt was a handy target for the Tigers, finishing with five goals, while Dustin Martin in his second
season at AFL level put on his best game yet to accumulate 33 possessions in a best-on-ground
performance. For the Kangaroos, Drew Petrie was their best, with six goals , while Andrew Swallow
touched the ball 32 times.
Richmond                                1.3        6.8        10.10        17.10  (112)
North Melbourne                     5.1        8.6        12.11        14.19  (103)
Goals : Richmond – J Riewoldt 5, D Martin 4, J King 3, T Cotchin 2, S Edwards, M White, B
North Melbourne – D Petrie 6, A Swallow 2, L Hansen, B Cunnington, L Adams, D
Wells, B Harvey, R Tarrant.
Best : Richmond – D Martin, B Houli, N Foley, J Riewoldt, T Cotchin, B Deledio. North
Melbourne –
D Petrie, A Swallow, T Goldstein, B Harvey, L Adams, L Hansen.
Injuries : Richmond - J Batchelor (foot) replaced in selected side by S Tuck. North
Melbourne –
Substitutions : Richmond - T Vickery replaced by S Tuck in the third quarter. North
Melbourne -
C Garlett replaced by C Richardson in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Ritchie, Stevic, Meredith.
Crowd - 36,461 at Etihad Stadium.

The traditional Anzac Day blockbuster at the MCG saw a massive crowd of 89,626 pack out the arena to
pay tribute to those who fought for Australia and to witness a game between two of the AFL’s biggest
rivals. And defending champions Collingwood continued on their winning ways, holding on as a desperate
Essendon challenged them and then pulling away in the final stages to win by 30 points.
The Magpies got off to a flying start, with four unanswered goals in the first half, which ensured they would
lead throughout the game and keep the Bombers under the pressure of playing from behind. But the
Bombers were competitive around the ground, and began to create more scoring chances in the second
The Bombers had lifted in the second term, but had six behinds before they could get their first goal; at
which stage the Magpies were 29 points ahead. Even with a strong finish to the second term, the Bombers
still trailed by 19 points, but they would lift again in the third term. A stirring performance from the Bombers
saw the margin twice get pulled back to two points before the Magpies would steady to lead by 14 points at
the last change.
But the Bombers weren’t finished yet. With the first two goals of the final term, the margin was back to one
point, with the Bombers seemingly having the momentum; and the bumper crowd was at fever pitch as the
MCG became a cauldron of noise. But when the game was there to be won, it was the Magpies who stood
up and were counted; particularly Travis Cloke, who stepped up with three goals in the final quarter. In the
final stages the Magpies kicked away, four goals during time on extending the final winning margin to 30
points in a game that just a few minutes earlier had threatened to be considerably closer.
Click here to see Harboursport’s photo gallery from this match.
Collingwood                               4.2        7.3        10.6        16.11 (107)
Essendon                                   0.3        3.8        7.10          11.11 (77)
Goals : Collingwood – T Cloke 3, S Pendlebury 3, D Beams 2, C Dawes 2, D Swan, D Jolly,
A Didak, L Ball, L Brown, S Sidebottom.
Essendon – S Crameri 4, D Hille 2, D Zaharakis 2, T
Bellchambers, J Watson, L Jetta.
Best : Collingwood – S Pendlebury, T Cloke, L Ball, L Davis, H Shaw, D Swan. Essendon – S
Crameri, B Howlett, B Stanton, D Heppell, L Jetta, J Watson.
Injuries : Collingwood – Nil. Essendon – Nil.
Substitutions : Collingwood - D Beams replaced by B Dick at three-quarter-time. Essendon
A Monfries replaced by K Reimers during the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Chamberlain, Ryan, Findlay.
Crowd - 89,626 at the MCG.

The Monday night match between Fremantle and the Western Bulldogs at Subiaco was one of frequent
changes in momentum, a roller-coaster of emotion. But when the music stopped, it was Fremantle who
ended up holding the parcel of victory, the Dockers running out 7-point winners.
A low-scoring first quarter saw the Dockers leading by a point at the first change, but the Bulldogs clicked
into gear in the second quarter. A goal in the opening minute of the term gave them the lead, and their
advantage twice stretched out to 14 points before the Dockers steadied to level the scores at the long
The third quarter was a scrappy affair, in which both sides forced numbers back, defending and allowing
their opponents few scoring opportunities. At three-quarter time the Dockers were ahead by a point. It hadn’
t been pretty football in the third term, but with the scores close at least there was scope for an exciting
The final quarter was much more entertaining, more attacking, and contained several twists and turns of
fortune. With the first three goals of the quarter, the Dockers got out to a 20-point lead at the 10-minute
mark and appeared to be cruising to victory. But the Bulldogs fought back, and as the clock ticked into time-
on, the Bulldogs had the lead. A behind for the Dockers levelled the scores, raising the prospect of yet
another draw in a season that has already had three. The Dockers managed another point to hit the front.
And then, in the final minute of the game, the Dockers forced a turnover, and Nick Lower was there to mark
and goal to seal the game for the Dockers; their third win on the trot and a result that keeps them
comfortably in the top four.
Fremantle                                         2.4        6.7        7.9        12.13 (85)
Western Bulldogs                             2.3        6.7        7.8        11.12 (78)
Goals : Fremantle – K Bradley 4, J van Berlo 4, D Mundy 2, A McPhee, N Lower. Bulldogs –
J Sherman 4, R Griffen 2, J Grant 2, L Gilbee, J Hill, S Higgins.
Best : Fremantle – D Mundy, G Ibbotson, A Sandilands, N Fyfe, K Bradley, P Duffield.
Bulldogs – M Boyd, R Griffen, S Higgins, J Grant, T Liberatore, D Cross.
Injuries : Fremantle - G Broughton (back) replaced in selected side by J Crichton. Bulldogs
T Williams (back spasms).
Substitutions : Fremantle - J Crichton replaced by J Pitt at three quarter-time. Bulldogs - T
Williams replaced by M Wallis at three quarter-time.
Reports : Bulldogs - J Roughead for charging L McPharlin in the third quarter.
Umpires - McBurney, Nicholls, Mollison.
Crowd - 37,551 at Patersons Stadium.

It had been a very long weekend, with Easter and Anzac Day going back to back, leading to an additional
public holiday. The round, which began on Thursday ran through till Tuesday, with another blockbuster
crowd coming to the MCG for the clash between Hawthorn and Geelong. And the Cats would turn on a
sensational second half to come from behind and defeat the Hawks by 19 points.
The Hawks haven’t beaten Geelong since their upset win in the 2008 Grand Final, but looked set to end
that run when they burst out of the blocks and got off to a flying start. Buddy Franklin goaled twice in the first
three minutes of the game, and the Hawks had four goals on the board after 10 minutes. And to make
matters worse for the Cats, Taylor Hunt went down with a knee injury, forcing the Cats to use their sub in
the first quarter. But the Cats fought back, and in a thrilling 37-minute first quarter the Cats cut the
Hawthorn lead to one point at quarter time.
The second quarter was lower scoring, but the Hawks looked to have the answers as they kicked three
goals to one in the quarter, to lead by eight points. And early in the third term, the Hawks were 20 points
clear and looking comfortable.
But the Cats came storming back in the remainder of the half, with seven unanswered goals turning the
deficit into a 22-point lead before the Hawks scored two late goals to cut the margin to 10 points at the last
And now they had the lead, the Cats weren’t letting go. The Hawks attempted to get back into the game,
but the Cats had the answers, and with four goals to three in the final term were able to maintain the lead
to take the match and keep their unbeaten record intact. It had been an exciting game, a see-sawing
encounter that kept the crowd of over 78,000 entertained and vocal; and the marathon Easter long
weekend finished with the Cats retaining a share of the competition lead.
Geelong                                     5.2        6.7        13.10        17.15 (117)
Hawthorn                                  5.3        8.3         12.6           15.8 (98)
Goals : Geelong – P Chapman 3, M Duncan 3, T Varcoe 2, J Podsiadly 2, J Selwood, C Ling,
T Hawkins, J Corey, J Bartel, B Ottens, J Kelly.
Hawthorn – J Roughead 3, C Bateman 3, L
Franklin 3, D Hale 2, S Burgoyne, C Young, B Guerra, S Savage.
Best : Geelong – J Selwood, P Chapman, J Bartel, M Scarlett, B Ottens, J Podsiadly.
Hawthorn – S Mitchell, J Roughead, M Suckling, C Bateman, L Franklin, B Sewell.
Injuries : Geelong - T Hunt (knee). Hawthorn - C Rioli (hamstring).
Substitutions : Geelong - T Hunt replaced by D Menzel in the first quarter. Hawthorn - B
Renouf replaced by X Ellis in the third quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - Vozzo, Armstrong, Pannell.
Crowd - 78,579 at MCG.
Western Bulldogs
West Coast
St Kilda
Port Adelaide
Gold Coast
North Melbourne
Brisbane v St Kilda – L Montagna (St K) 7, J Redden (Bris) 7, A Schneider (St K) 4, J Adcock (Bris) 4, B Goddard (St K) 3, T Rockliff (Bris) 2,
S Fisher (St K) 1.
Port Adelaide v Gold Coast – H Hartlett (Port) 6, M Rischitelli (GCst) 4, J Brennan (GCst) 3, T Chaplin (Port) 3, J Fraser (GCst) 2, D Motlop
(Port) 2, B Matera (GCst) 1, J Westhoff (Port) 1.
Carlton v Adelaide – M Murphy (Carl) 6, G Johncock (Adel) 4, D Ellard (Carl) 4, N Van Berlo (Adel) 3, C Knights (Adel) 2, C Judd (Carl) 2, K
Tippett (Adel) 1, A Walker (Carl) 1.
North Melbourne v Richmond – D Martin (Rich) 8, D Petrie (NthM) 8, B Houli (Rich) 4, A Swallow (NthM) 3, N Foley (Rich) 2, T Goldstein
(NthM) 2, J Riewoldt (Rich) 1, B Harvey (NthM) 1.
Essendon v Collingwood – S Pendlebury (Coll) 11, S Crameri (Ess) 5, T Cloke (Coll) 5, B Howlett (Ess) 4, L Ball (Coll) 3, L Davis (Coll) 2, B
Stanton (Ess) 1, H Shaw (Coll) 1.
Fremantle v Western Bulldogs – M Boyd (WBul) 10, D Mundy (Freo) 6, G Ibbotson (Freo) 4, R Griffen (WBul) 3, A Sandilands (Freo) 2, S
Higgins (WBul) 2, N Fyfe (Freo) 1, J Grant (WBul) 1.
Hawthorn v Geelong – J Selwood (Geel) 8, P Chapman (Geel) 6, S Mitchell (Haw) 5, J Bartel (Geel) 4, J Roughead (Haw) 3, M Suckling
(Haw) 2, M Scarlett (Geel) 1.
18 - Lance Franklin (Haw)
16 - Jack Riewoldt (Rich)
15 - Travis Cloke (Coll)
13 - Chris Dawes (Coll)
12 - Liam Jurrah (Melb)
12 - Taylor Walker (Adel)
12 - Jeff Garlett (Carl)
11 - Andrew Walker (Carl)
11 - Kepler Bradley (Freo)
11 - Jarryd Roughead (Haw)
11 - Jarryd Blair (Coll)
Michael Shillito's tips in bold (26.5/38 to Date)

Thursday 28th April
West Coast v Melbourne (8:40pm, Patersons Stadium)
Friday 29th April
Sydney v Carlton (7:40pm, SCG)
Saturday 30th April
North Melbourne v Port Adelaide (2:10pm, Etihad Stad)
Richmond v Brisbane (7:10pm, MCG)
Adelaide v
St Kilda (7:40pm, AAMI Stadium)
Sunday 1st May
Essendon v Gold Coast (1:10pm, Etihad Stadium)
Collingwood v Western Bulldogs (4:40pm, MCG)
BYE - Fremantle, Geelong, Hawthorn
THE YEAR - Standings
Dane Swan (Coll) - 36
Scott Pendlebury (Coll) - 32
Matthew Boyd (WBul) - 24
Jobe Watson (Ess) - 23
Sam Mitchell (Haw) - 20
Andrew Embley (WCE) - 20
David Mundy (Freo) - 19
Bryce Gibbs (Carl) - 19
Brent Stanton (Ess) - 17
Jimmy Bartel (Geel) - 17
Marc Murphy (Carl) - 17
Scott Thompson (Adel) - 17
Jude Bolton (Syd) - 15
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Sydney v Collingwood (26/6/10)
Sydney v Nth Melb (10/7/10)
Sydney v Hawthorn (7/8/10)
NAB - GWS/Syd/GCst (19/2/11)
Essendon v Coll'wood (25/4/11)
Sydney v Richmond (12/6/11)
Sydney v Collingwood (25/6/11)
GWS Giants v Sydney (23/7/11)
Sydney v W Bulldogs (23/7/11)
GWS Giants v NT T'dr (6/8/11)
NAB - GWS/WBul/Coll (18/2/12)
NAB - Sydney v NMelb (3/3/12)
GWS Giants v Sydney (24/3/12)
Sydney v Fremantle (7/4/12)
GWSGiants v WCoast (15/4/12)
2012 Grand Final - Pre-Game
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2012 Grand Final - Post Game

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2013 Pre-Season Week 1
2013 Pre-Season Week 2