West Coast
St Kilda
North Melbourne
Western Bulldogs
Port Adelaide
Gold Coast
GWS Giants
Western Bulldogs v Collingwood – D Beams (Coll) 8, R Griffen (WBul) 8, S Pendlebury (Coll) 7, D Cross (WBul) 5, D Swan (Coll) 3, S
Sidebottom (Coll) 2, H Shaw (Coll) 1.5, B Lake (WBul) 1.
Essendon v Brisbane – B Stanton (Ess) 15, D Heppell (Ess) 7, J Watson (Ess) 6, J Redden (Bris) 5, S Longeran (Ess) 4.5, R Dyson (Ess)
2, D Rich (Bris) 1, T Bellchambers (Ess) 1.
Geelong v Melbourne – S Johnson (Geel) 11, P Chapman (Geel) 5, M Clark (Melb) 4, M Duncan (Geel) 4, J Podsiadly (Geel) 3, N Jones
(Melb) 2, J Frawley (Melb) 1.
Gold Coast v Fremantle – H Bennell (GCst) 6, G Ibbotson (Freo) 5, K Horsley (GCst) 5, M Pavlich (Freo) 4, D Prestia (GCst) 4, M Johnson  
(Freo) 3, S Iles (GCst) 2.5, M de Boer (Freo) 1, L Russell (GCst) 1.
St Kilda v Hawthorn – L Shiels (Haw) 7, B Guerra (Haw) 5, C Rioli (Haw) 4.5, L Hayes (St K) 4, J Koschitzke (St K) 2, S Mitchell (Haw) 2, N
Riewoldt (St K) 1.
Sydney v Adelaide – L Jetta (Syd) 7, S Thompson (Adel) 6, J Bolton (Syd) 4, P Dangerfield (Adel) 3, J Kennedy (Syd) 3, I Callinan (Adel) 2, B
Reilly (Adel) 1, R O’Keefe (Syd) 1.
Carlton v GWS Giants – M Robinson (Carl) 8, K Simpson (Carl) 6, T Greene (GWS) 5, P Bower (Carl) 4, S Hampson (Carl) 2, D Smith
(GWS) 1, J Russell (Carl) 1.
Port Adelaide v Richmond – I Maric (Rich) 7, J Trengove (Port) 4, B Deledio (Rich) 4, S Tuck (Rich) 3, D Cassisi (Port) 2, R Nahas (Rich)
1.5, T Boak (Port) 1.
West Coast v North Melbourne – S Selwood (WCE) 7, A Swallow (NthM) 6, L Shuey (WCE) 5, B Cunnington (NthM) 3, S Hurn (WCE) 3, D
Cox (WCE) 2, H McIntosh (NthM) 1.
18 - Tom Hawkins (Geel)
15 - Taylor Walker (Adel)
14 - Eddie Betts (Carl)
14 - Aaron Edwards (NthM)
13 - James Podsiadly (Geel)
13 - Travis Cloke (Coll)
12 - Josh Kennedy (WCE)
12 - Jack Darling (WCE)
12 - Kurt Tippett (Adel)
12 - Justin Westhoff (Port)
12 - Lewis Jetta (Syd)
12 - Stewart Crameri (Ess)
Michael Shillito's tips in bold (40/54 to Date)

Friday 11th May
Melbourne v Hawthorn (7:50pm, MCG)
Saturday 12th May
Adelaide v Geelong (1:45pm, AAMI Stadium)
GWS Giants v Gold Coast (2:10pm, Manuka Oval)
Richmond v
Sydney (4:40pm, MCG)
Brisbane v
Collingwood (7:40pm, Gabba)
Essendon v West Coast (7:40pm, Etihad Stadium)
Sunday 13th May
Nth Melbourne v West Bulldogs (1:10pm, Etihad Stad)
Fremantle v Port Adelaide (4:40pm, Patersons Stad)
Monday 14th May
St Kilda v Carlton (7:40pm, Etihad Stadium)
THE YEAR - Standings
Brent Stanton (Ess) - 43
Scott Thompson (Adel) - 38
Scott Pendlebury (Coll) - 33
Scott Selwood (WCE) - 33
Tom Rockliff (Bris) - 31
Dane Swan (Coll) - 30
Kade Simpson (Carl) - 29
Matthew Boyd (WBul) - 29
Sam Mitchell (Haw) - 28
Marc Murphy (Carl) - 28
Gary Ablett (GCst) - 27
Josh Kennedy (Syd) - 26
Jobe Watson (Ess) - 26
Brett Deledio (Rich) - 25
Friday night at Docklands saw Collingwood make a move towards getting their season on track, as they
defeated the Western Bulldogs by 21 points.
In a see-sawing contest, The Western Bulldogs had the better of play early, but some inaccurate finishing in
front of goal would cost them dearly. The Bulldogs scored five points before finally breaking through for their
first goal. Despite having had ten scoring shots to two for the quarter, the Bulldogs had only an 11-point lead
to show for their efforts.
But the Bulldogs were determined and refused to allow the Magpies easy possessions during the first half. The
Bulldogs were leading by 17 points late in the second term, and were harbouring hopes of a boilover; but the
Magpies scored the last three goals of the second quarter to lead by three points at the long break.
Momentum looked to be favouring the Magpies, but the Bulldogs dug deep at the start of the third quarter,
and wrestled back the initiative through two early goals to Daniel Giansiracusa. Shaun Higgins would also kick
two goals for the quarter, as the Bulldogs led for much of the premiership term. But, as was the case in the
second term, the Magpies fought back during time-on to snatch back the lead in the final seconds of the
Collingwood were leading by a point at the last change, but they would deny the Bulldogs any chance of
getting the lead back. Four goals to one turned a match that looked set to be a thriller into a comfortable
enough win. Although the Magpies hadn’t been totally convincing, it was enough to ensure the four points and
move further up the ladder with their third win on the trot. The Bulldogs would be left to rue the chance that
got away, having led for most of the night but finding themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard when
the final siren sounded; stranded on just two wins for the season to date and at serious risk of falling behind
the finals challengers.
Collingwood                                             2.0         6.4         11.5        15.8 (98)
Western Bulldogs                                     3.5         5.7        10.10      11.11 (77)
Goals : Collingwood - B Sinclair 2, H Shaw 2, T Cloke 2, T Goldsack 2, A Fasolo, B Reid, C Dawes,
D Swan, H O'Brien, S Sidebottom, S Wellingham.
Bulldogs - D Giansiracusa 3, R Griffen 2, S
Higgins 2, B Lake, E Wood, M Boyd, R Hargrave.
Best : Collingwood – D Beams, S Pendlebury, D Swan, S Sidebottom, H Shaw, S Buckley.
Bulldogs – R Griffen, D Cross, B Lake, W Minson, R Hargrave, M Boyd.
Injuries : Collingwood - D Jolly (groin) replaced in selected side by C Wood. Bulldogs - E Wood
Substitutions : Collingwood – B Johnson replaced by K Ugle at half time. Bulldogs – E Wood
replaced by M Wallis in the third quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - C Donlon, J Schmitt, S Stewart.
Crowd - 38,155 at Etihad Stadium.

Essendon returned to the winning list in style on Saturday afternoon, with the Bombers dominating against
Brisbane in every aspect of the game to win every quarter and record an easy 67-point win over the Lions.
Keen to bounce back from last week’s thrilling loss to Collingwood, the Bombers went on the attack from the
start, with four goals in the first 11 minutes. Stewart Crameri was unstoppable on the forward line, as he kicked
four goals for the quarter to get the Bombers off to a flying start, leading by 26 points at quarter time. And
although the second quarter was more closely contested, the Bombers still held a comfortable 35-point lead at
the long break.
Sensing an opportunity to build their percentage, the Bombers tightened the screws in the second half;
and the Lions would be held to just one goal in each of the third and fourth quarters, the Bomber lead
blowing out further every time as the margin blew out over ten goals.
The star of the day was Brent Stanton, who was gathering the ball at will and leaving the Lion taggers
chasing his dust all afternoon. Stanton would finish with a whopping 39 possessions for the game, while
captain Jobe Watson chipped in with 36.
But when all was looking so dominant for the Bombers, their mood turned to concern in the final quarter
as Crameri departed the scene with a knee injury and did not return to the field.
The win was a handy percentage booster for the Bombers, a team that with every week look set to
make a big impact in 2012. But the Lions, after poor losses to Geelong and now Essendon, still have
plenty of work to get themselves in a position to be genuine contenders.
Essendon                                  8.3         12.9         16.12         19.15 (129)
                        4.1          7.4            8.4              9.8 (62)
Goals : Essendon - S Crameri 4, A Davey 3, L Jetta 3, A Monfries 2, S Lonergan 2, C
Dempsey, J Melksham, J Watson, N Lovett-Murray, R Dyson.
Brisbane - J Brown 2, J Crisp 2,
J Polec 2, A Cornelius, A McGrath, B Hudson.
Best : Essendon – B Stanton, D Heppell, J Watson, S Longeran, R Dyson, T Bellchambers.
Brisbane – J Redden, D Rich, J Brown, B Hudson, P Hanley, T Rockliff.
Injuries : Essendon - S Crameri (knee). Brisbane - A McGrath (groin), J Brown (shoulder).
Substitutions : Essendon – C Dempsey replaced by T Colyer in the third quarter. Brisbane
B Longer replaced by P Karnezis in the third quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - B Rosebury, S Grun, G Fila.
Crowd - 36,361 at Etihad Stadium.

When Geelong took on Melbourne at Kardinia Park last year, it was a complete demolition. The Cats ran
up a 186-point win, launching the Demons into turmoil and blood-letting which saw the scalp of coach
Dean Bailey.
So it was with a degree of trepidation that the Demons under new coach Mark Neeld returned to
Simonds Stadium on Saturday afternoon to take on the Cats. But, although the Cats won comfortably, it
was far from the humiliating scenes of last season; with the final margin being a more respectable 43
It was three goals apiece in the first quarter, with the Cats having plenty of the ball but the Demons
hanging in there, refusing to capitulate. There were five points in it at quarter time, and early in the
second term the Demons took the lead.
The Melbourne lead was short-lived, as the lopsided possession tally began to take its toll. The Cats had
20 scoring shots to seven in the first half, but the Demons were accurate with the shots they had, while
the Cats were wasteful at time. But with a 28-point lead at half time, the Cats were well placed.
The Cats kept the scoreboard ticking over during the third term, but again the Demons refused to lie
down; and although the Cats won the quarter, the Demons did manage four goals for the quarter to
prevent the scoreboard blowing out. The lead was 39 points at the last change; and the last quarter
didn’t reach any great heights, but the Demons kept hanging in there and although badly beaten, would
emerge with at least some dignity intact.
Much of the credit for Geelong’s win was due to a sensational solo performance by Steven Johnson,
who kicked three goals among his 35 touches. Paul Chapman and Mitch Duncan were also influential for
the Cats. For the Demons, Mitch Clark kicked four goals and was their best.
Geelong                                    3.5         9.11         15.14         17.17 (119)
                   3.0          6.1          10.5            11.10 (76)
Goals : Geelong - J Podsiadly 3, P Chapman 3, S Johnson 3, A Mackie 2, J Bartel 2, J Kelly, J
Stringer, S Motlop, T Hawkins.
Melbourne - M Clark 4, M Bate 2, N Jones 2, A Davey, J
Howe, L Dunn.
Best : Geelong – S Johnson, P Chapman, M Duncan, J Podsiadly, C Enright, J Corey.
Melbourne – M Clark, N Jones, J Frawley, C Garland, C Bartram, M Jamar.
Injuries : Geelong - J Bartel (ankle), T Lonergan (ankle) replaced in selected side by T
Gillies, J Selwood (concussion) replaced in selected side by S Byrnes.
Melbourne - J Grimes
Substitutions : Geelong – J Bartel (ankle) replaced by C Guthrie in the third quarter.
Melbourne – L Tapscott replaced by L Dunn in the third quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - S Wenn, J Bannister, C Fleer.
Crowd – 18,010 at Simonds Stadium.

There was heartbreak at Carrara on Saturday evening. Gold Coast, looking for their first win at their
home ground in the club’s short history, led for much of the evening against Fremantle, only to be
pipped at the post and go down by seven points.
The Suns suffered a blow in the first quarter, with key defender Nathan Bock going down with a broken
leg, forcing the Suns to reshuffle their back line and use their sub. But after an evenly contested first
quarter, the Suns began to lift around the ground.
The Suns were without ball magnet Gary Ablett, but in his absence his young team-mates rose to the
challenge. Second gamer Kyal Horsley was sensational, while Harley Bennell was putting in his best game
yet for the Gold Coast club. The Suns had their fans in raptures as they kicked five goals to two for the
quarter and led by 17 points at half time.
But the Dockers fought back in the third quarter, reversing the fortunes of the second term with five
goals to two, hitting the front shortly before three quarter time and holding a five point lead at the last
change. But early in the last quarter, as David Swallow kicked his third goal, the Suns took the lead.
The lead was fluctuating, and the Suns led by five points as the clock ticked into time-on. But the
Dockers regained the lead with back to back goals to Matthew Pavlich and Chris Mayne. The Suns hit
back at the 27-minute mark, with best-on-ground Harley Bennell standing and delivering. Had they been
able to get another, and snatch the lead, their drought of wins at home would have been broken.
But instead it was Tendai Mzungu who got the last goal of the game, soccering a loose ball through to
wrap up victory for the Dockers. It had been a tough slog for the WA side, but they did just enough to
scrape home with the points. The Suns remain winless for 2012, but lost no respect after a gallant
fighting effort.
Fremantle                                       3.0         5.3         10.7         14.10 (94)
Gold Coast                 
                     3.1         8.2         10.2          14.3 (87)
Goals : Fremantle - C Mayne 3, M De Boer 3, L Neale 2, D Roberton, M Pavlich, R Crowley,
S Hill, T Mzungu, Z Clarke.
Gold Coast - D Swallow 3, H Bennell 3, C Brown, J Brennan, J
Caddy, K Hunt, L Russell, M Shaw, S Day, S Iles.
Best : Fremantle – G Ibbotson, M Pavlich, M Johnson, M De Boer, C Mayne, R Crowley. Gold
Coast –
H Bennell, K Horsley, D Prestia, S Iles, L Russell, D Swallow.
Injuries : Fremantle - S Hill (quad). Gold Coast - D Swallow (ankle), J Brennan (knee), N
Bock (broken leg), T McKenzie (calf).
Substitutions : Fremantle – S Hill replaced by L Spurr at half time. Gold Coast – N Bock
(broken leg) replaced by J Toy in the second quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - C Kamolins, M Nicholls, A Mitchell.
Crowd - 11,670 at Metricon Stadium.

Hawthorn, premiership favourites before the season started, had been under the pump after a few close
losses. But after two defeats in a row, the Hawks bounced back at the MCG on a freezing cold Saturday
night, recording a 35-point win over St Kilda.
The Hawks were getting plenty of the ball in the opening term, but turned the ball over on the forward
line too often. Not helped by four behinds for Lance Franklin in the opening term, the Hawks had been
the better side but had only a four-point lead to show for it.
In the second term, the Hawks threatened to run away with the contest on occasions, only to be
pegged back by the Saints as they refused to concede. There were plenty of goals scored in a high-
scoring contest, but with one more of them the Hawks were 12 points ahead at the long break.
The Saints hit the front during the third term, with Justin Koschitzke running riot up forward. But their
lead would be short-lived, as the Hawks hit back through the run of Cyril Rioli and marking power of
Lance Franklin. There were five goals apiece for the quarter, a crowd of 42,289 revelling in an
entertaining contest; with the Hawks ten points ahead at three quarter time.
But the Saints’ run could go no further, and the Hawks were the stronger side in the final quarter when
the game was there to be won. Five goals to one ended the Saints’ hopes, as the superior fitness of
the Hawthorn side took its toll.
Cyril Rioli, after an indifferent opening month of the season, was back to his magnificent best as he
kicked six goals for the day. Buddy Franklin chipped in with five to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Liam
Shiels and Brent Guerra were ball magnets all night for the Hawks. For the Saints, Justin Koschitzke was
their best with five goals, while Lenny Hayes was also prominent around the ground.
But the spoils went to the Hawks, a much-needed result to kick-start their stuttering open to the
season. But it’s back to the drawing board for the Saints, as they crash out of the eight.
Hawthorn                                   3.6         8.9         13.11         18.15 (123)
St Kilda                      
                 3.2         7.3          12.7          13.10 (88)
Goals : Hawthorn - C Rioli 6, L Franklin 5, J Roughead 2, B Whitecross, D Hale, I Smith, L
Breust, P Puopolo.
St Kilda - J Koschitzke 5, N Riewoldt 3, A Saad, R Stanley, S Fisher, S
Milne, T Milera.
Best : Hawthorn – L Shiels, B Guerra, C Rioli, S Mitchell, L Franklin, J Roughead. St Kilda –
L Hayes, J Koschitzke, N Riewoldt, B Goddard, J Gram, L Montagna.
Injuries : Hawthorn - B Stratton (knocked head). St Kilda - D Armitage (back), S Fisher
(hamstring), B McEvoy (knee) replaced in selected side by J Koschitzke.
Substitutions : Hawthorn – J Boumann replaced by P Puopolo in the third quarter. St Kilda
S Fisher replaced by A Saad in the third quarter.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - R Findlay, J Mollison, S Hay.
Crowd - 42,289 at MCG.

Sydney suffered their first loss of the 2012 season when they were edged out by five points by Adelaide
in a Saturday night thriller at the SCG.
The Crows have a good record against the Swans at the SCG, and looked set to continue that record as
they controlled the opening quarter. Four goals in the opening ten minutes saw the Crows looking
dangerous as they raced to a 24-point lead at quarter time. But the Swans fought back in the second
term, kicking the first four goals of the quarter to take the lead. In a high-scoring quarter, the Swans
would kick six goals to three, reducing Adelaide’s lead to three points at the long break.
Dual Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes was looking in great touch on the forward line, with two goals in
the second term and adding another two in the third to bring his tally to five for the game. The Swans
took the lead during the third term, with five goals to three to move seven points ahead at the last
Momentum was favouring the Swans, but the three-quarter time break allowed the Crows to regroup.
At the start of the last quarter, Taylor Walker kicked his fifth goal, and a minute later Adam Goodes
departed with a serious-looking knee injury and is looking down the barrel of several weeks on the
sideline. The Crows rallied, taking the lead late in the game and hanging on through the final minutes to
take out a hard-fought but well-earned win. The Swans’ winning streak is over, the Crows joining the
Swans on five wins from six games.
Adelaide                                            5.2         8.3         11.6       15.9 (99)
             1.2         7.6         12.7      14.10 (94)
Goals : Adelaide - T Walker 5, I Callinan 3, J Petrenko 3, M Jaensch 2, K Tippett, S
Sydney - A Goodes 5, R O'Keefe 3, K Jack 2, L Jetta 2, J Bolton, J Kennedy.
Best : Adelaide – S Thompson, P Dangerfield, I Callinan, B Reilly, N Van Berlo, R Sloane.
Sydney – L Jetta, J Bolton, J Kennedy, R O’Keefe, A Goodes, L Parker.
Injuries : Sydney – A Goodes (hamstring). Adelaide – S Jacobs (thigh).
Substitutions : Sydney – A Goodes replaced by A Everitt in the fourth quarter. Adelaide –
S McKernan replaced by J Lyons in the fourth quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - S Meredith, S McInerney, H Ryan.
Crowd - 23,969 at SCG.

Carlton hosted GWS Giants at Docklands on Sunday afternoon. The Giants were competitive against the
Blues for a half, but the Blues pulled away in the second half, running away to a 67-point victory.
It was the young Giants’ first trip to Melbourne, and the Blues were virtually unbackable favourites. And
everything looked to be going to script with the Blues getting three goals on the board in the first 10
But the Giants weren’t giving up. Two goals in time-on cut the margin to ten points at quarter time; and
the Giants kept coming in the second term, twice levelling the scores. But the Giants were never able to
take the lead, and with the Blues scoring the last two goals of the second term, the 10-point quarter
time margin was restored at the long break.
The Giants had fought back, but injuries to their tall timber was affecting them. Dean Brogan had an arm
injury, forcing the GWS side to use their sub. Setanta O’hAilpin, delisted by Carlton and snapped up by
the Giants, had kicked two goals before going down with a knee injury. And Jonathan Giles also had his
game cut short after a head knock.
Carlton kept peppering the goals during the third quarter, but let themselves down with some missed
shots as they kicked 3.6 for the quarter. The Blues were missing Chris Judd, but Mitch Robinson and
Kade Simpson were picking up possessions at will.
The Blues were out to a 25-point lead at the last change. The Giants had fought hard, putting the Blues
under pressure for three quarters. But the rising injury toll, and the strains of youngsters playing such a
hard, physical game, took its toll in the last quarter. The Giants had been gallant, but had nothing more
to give; and were unable to score in the final quarter. The Blues kicked six unanswered goals in the final
term, extending the final margin to 67 points and giving themselves a percentage boost.
Bret Thornton and Shaun Hampson finished with three goals apiece, with Mitch Robinson, Kade Simpson
and Paul Bower were among the Blues’ best. For the Giants, Toby Greene, Devon Smith and Stephen
Coniglio worked hard all afternoon.
Carlton                                         3.5         6.8         9.14         15.20 (110)
GWS Giants              
                     2.1         5.4          6.7             6.7 (43)
Goals : Carlton - B Thornton 3, S Hampson 3, A Walker 2, K Lucas 2, K Simpson 2, J Garlett,
M Robinson, P Bower.
GWS - P Davis 2, S O'hAilpin 2, L Sumner, T Scully.
Best : Carlton – M Robinson, K Simpson, P Bower, S Hampson, J Russell, M Jamison. GWS –
T Greene, D Smith, S Coniglio, J McDonald, T Adams, D Shiel.
Injuries : Carlton - E Curnow (ankle) replaced in selected side by J Bootsma. GWS - D
Brogan (wrist/forearm), S O'hAilpin (knee).
Substitutions : Carlton – L Henderson replaced by J Bootsma at three-quarter time. GWS
D Brogan replaced by S Reid at half time.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - M Stevic, J Dalgleish, N Foot.
Crowd - 28,213 at Etihad Stadium.

Two sides desperate for a win to arrest their losing streaks and kick-start a revival to their season faced
off at Football Park on Sunday evening. And it would be Richmond who would receive the result that
could potentially get their season back on track, when the Tigers completed a 37-point win over Port
Wet weather made for slippery conditions, making ball handling difficult. But even allowing for the
weather, it was a poor-standard and error-prone display from both sides. Port were lamentable, while
the Tigers did enough to win ugly, but were far from convincing.
It was three goals to one in the first quarter, with the Tigers leading by 12 points at quarter time. And
the Tigers kept rolling along in the second term, kicking the first five goals to lead by 41 points at the
long break.
The Power had been barely competitive in the first half, but finally got some play going in the third term;
a run of four goals to one cutting the margin back to 24 points at the last change. But they could go no
further, with the Tigers shutting the game down as the weather got even darker and wetter in the final
Jack Riewoldt kicked four goals for the Tigers, a rare highlight in a game that failed to reach any great
heights. But it was four valuable points for the Tigers, giving them a chance to resurrect their season.
But for the Power, winless since the opening round, it was another chapter in what has been a season
of doom and gloom.
Richmond                                       3.2         8.7         9.10         13.13 (91)
Port Adelaide          
                        1.2         2.2          6.4            8.6 (54)
Goals : Richmond - J Riewoldt, 4 R Nahas 3, J King 2, B Deledio, B Miller, C Newman, R
Port Adelaide - B Renouf 2, M Broadbent 2, A Young, B Jacobs, D Stewart, J Butcher.
Best : Richmond – I Maric, B Deledio, S Tuck, R Nahas, D Martin, S Grigg. Port Adelaide – H
Hartlett, D Cassisi, T Boak, Brad Ebert, B Renouf, J McCarthy.
Injuries : Richmond – C Newman (shin), R Conca (concussion), T Vickery (corked buttock).
Port Adelaide – C Hitchcock (hamstring), K Cornes (knee).
Substitutions : Richmond – T Vickery replaced by S Edwards in the third quarter. Port
Adelaide –
C Hitchcock (hamstring) replaced by D Pfieffer in the second quarter.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - S McBurney, D Margetts, B Ritchie.
Crowd - 18,522 at AAMI Stadium.

West Coast moved to outright top of the ladder, remaining undefeated in 2012. But the Eagles had to
fight all the way, only pulling away from a gallant North Melbourne in the final minutes of the game
before finally getting away with a 25-point win at Subiaco on Sunday afternoon.
The first quarter was goal for goal, with the Eagles looking in control for much of the quarter but the
Kangaroos coming up with the answers. The Eagles led by four points at quarter time, but the
Kangaroos sent a scare in the Eagle camp with three goals in the first ten minutes of the quarter to
open up a shock 13-point lead.
The Eagles were under pressure, and the strain was telling on the forward line where goal-scoring
opportunities were missed. And worse was to come as Adam Selwood departed with a hand injury, and
after receiving medical care on the sidelines, Selwood was forced to throw in the towel and the Eagles
had to use their sub.
But the Eagles fought back late in the quarter to kick three late goals and return to the lead with an
eight-point margin at half time. Two early goals in the third term saw the pendulum looking to have
swung the Eagles’ way, but the plucky Kangaroos weren’t giving up. Twice getting the margin back to
one point during the third term, the Kangaroos placed the Eagles under plenty of pressure in a quarter
that saw five goals apiece, and the Eagles holding a 13-point advantage at three-quarter time.
The Kangaroos had fought hard, but could go no further and the Eagles finally looked in command in the
final quarter. Josh Hill finished with four goals for the Eagles, while Scott Selwood and Luke Shuey were
also prominent. The Kangaroos were well served by Andrew Swallow. The four points were hard won by
the Eagles, but having finally achieved the result, the Eagles take an outright lead as the only
undefeated team so far in 2012.
West Coast                               4.4         7.10         12.15         17.18 (120)
North Melbourne         
              4.0          7.2           12.2            15.5 (95)
Goals : West Coast - J Hill 4, L Shuey 2, S Hurn 2, A Hams, B Sheppard, C Masten, D Cox, J
Darling, M Rosa, Q Lynch, S Lycett, S Selwood.
North Melbourne - B Cunnington 3, B
Harvey 2, J MacMillan 2, A Edwards, C Pedersen, D Petrie, D Wells, J Ziebell, K Harper, L
Thomas, S Wright.
Best : West Coast – S Selwood, L Shuey, S Hurn, D Cox, J Hill, M Priddis. North Melbourne
A Swallow, B Cunnington, H McIntosh, S Wright, S Thompson, D Wells.
Injuries : West Coast – N Naitanui (hamstring) replaced in selected side by S Lycett, A
Selwood (hand).
North Melbourne - Nil.
Substitutions : West Coast – A Selwood replaced by B Sheppard in the third quarter.
North Melbourne – R Tarrant replaced by A Mullett at three-quarter time.
Reports – Nil. Umpires - T Pannell, L Farmer, M Leppard.
Crowd - 37,202 at Patersons Stadium.
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2012 Grand Final - Pre-Game
2012 Grand Final - Game Pics
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