St Kilda and Sydney have played their share of close games in recent seasons, and Saturday night at
Docklands saw another thriller as the Saints edged out the Swans by a point.
The first quarter was an even contest, with the Swans leading by 4 points at the first change. They
increased their work rate around the ground in the second term to increase their lead to 9 points at the
long break; a margin that would have been greater had it not been for a long torp from Brendan
Goddard that recorded a 9-pointer.
Super-goals were also a talking point in the third term. Mark Seaby marked uncontested just outside
the 50m mark; but instead of going back and having an attempt at the 9 points, the former Eagle
played on, running inside the 50m line before kicking truly. His shot would have been the percentage
play during the regular season, but had Seaby landed the 9-pointer the result of the game would have
been different.
Seaby's goal was the Swans' only major of the quarter, while the Saints ran in 2 plus Jason Gram's
super goal to give the Saints a 5-point lead at the last change. After a 4 goals to 2 opening to the
quarter, St Kilda stretched the lead out to 17 points before a late fightback by the Swans saw the
scores levelled with just minutes to go. But a late behind to David Armitage was enough to get the
Saints through to the semi final.
St Kilda                    0.2.4        1.3.4        2.5.5        2.9.7 (79)          
                  0.3.2        0.6.4        0.7.6      0.12.6 (78)             
Nine-Point Goals : St Kilda -
B Goddard, J Gram. Sydney - Nil.
Goals : St Kilda - S Milne 4, J Koschitzke, B McEvoy, N Riewoldt, J Gram, R Stanley.
Sydney -
P Bevan 3, K Jack 2, M Seaby, B McGlynn, D Currie, J Moore, R O'Keeffe, J
White, G Rohan.
Best : St Kilda - B Goddard, B McEvoy, L Montagna, N Riewoldt, S Milne, L Hayes.
Sydney - N Malceski, M Mattner, M O'Dwyer, H Grundy, N Smith, M Seaby.
Injuries : St Kilda - Nil. Sydney - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - Rosebury, Meredith, Sully.
Crowd - 10,998 at Docklands.

A last-minute end to end play got Fremantle home in a thrilling finish against North Melbourne at
Docklands on Sunday evening.
Garrick Ibbotson's super-goal in the opening term got the Dockers off to a good start, but inaccurate
finishing in front of goals denied them the lead that their play around the ground deserved. But they
still held a 5 point lead at half time and led by 11 points at the long break. The lead was 12 points at
the last change, and at the 10 minute mark of the last term the Dockers held a 22-point advantage and
looked to be comfortably heading for victory.
But the Kangaroos weren't done yet, and with 4 goals on the trot they would hit the front as the clock
ticked into time-on. Leading by a point, the ball was bottled up on the Kangaroos' forward line until
Ben Warren snapped a point with 40 seconds on the clock.
The Fremantle kick-in went 50 metres to Aaron Sandilands, who knicked the ball forward to a
team-mate in space. The ball went forward to a contest before again being knocked forward to Ryan
Murphy, who kicked truly for the winner with just 8 seconds left on the clock. It had been a
well-executed end to end passage of play, which snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and ensured
the Dockers would clash with St Kilda next week for the chance to appear in their first grand final in
any competition.
Fremantle                    1.1.7        1.6.7        1.9.11        1.12.13 (94)
North Melbourne         0.2.2        0.6.5         0.9.8         0.13.12 (90)
Nine-Point Goals : Fremantle - G Ibbotson. North Melbourne - Nil.
Goals : Fremantle - C Mayne 5, M Johnson 2, R Murphy 2, H Ballantyne, N Fyfe, A
North Melbourne - D Hale 3, D Petrie 2, L Adams, L Anthony, T Goldstein, L
Harding, B Harvey, B Lower, H McIntosh, B Warren.
Best : Fremantle - H Ballantyne, M Barlow, C Mayne, G Ibbotson, C Pearce, A
North Melbourne - B Harvey, B Lower, A Swallow, M Firrito, M Campbell, B
Injuries : Fremantle - Grover (knee), Mundy (groin). North Melbourne - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - Vozzo, Margetts, B Ryan, McInerney.
Crowd - 7,877 at Etihad Stadium.

Carlton 14.9 (93) d Brisbane Lions 12.8 (80) at Princes Park
Collingwood 11.8 (74) d Adelaide 8.4 (52) at Alice Springs
Essendon 18.12 (120) d Melbourne 11.14 (80) at Princes Park
Richmond 15.12 (102) d Geelong 7.9 (51) at Yea
Friday 5th March
Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide (Docklands, 7:40pm)
Saturday 6th March
St Kilda v Fremantle (Docklands, 7:10pm)

Friday 5th March
Collingwood v Richmond (Princes Park, 4:00pm)
Brisbane v Geelong (Southport, 7:30pm)
Saturday 6th March
Hawthorn v North Melbourne (North Ballarat, 2:00pm)
Adelaide v Melbourne (Elizabeth, 5:00pm)
West Coast v Carlton (Leederville, 6:00pm)
Sydney v Essendon (Blacktown, 7:00pm)

(All times shown are Sydney time)
Barry Hall, making his first appearance in Bulldogs colours, had a flying start with his new club, 4 first
quarter goals helping the Bulldogs to jump Hawthorn early and ensure they would never be under threat
on their way to a comfortable 57-point win.
The former St Kilda and Sydney forward, in his first appearance in a Western Bulldogs jumper, took
control of the game in the opening term, seeing off 3 opponents while kicking four of the Bulldogs' five
goals for the quarter. By quarter time the Bulldogs had a 22-point lead, which was increased by a further
two points by the long break. And any hopes of the Hawks getting back into the contest were dashed
when the Hawks ran through seven goals to two in the third term to turn the game into a blowout.
Hall finished with 6 for the Bulldogs. Also prominent around the ground was Matthew Boyd with 30
possessions, including the only super-goal of the game during the last quarter.   
Western Bulldogs   0.5.3        0.8.7        0.15.9        1.15.12(111)             
Hawthorn               0.1.5        0.4.7         0.6.8           0.7.12 (54)   
Nine-Point Goals : Bulldogs - M Boyd. Hawthorn - Nil.
Goals : Bulldogs - B Hall 6, J Hill 2, J Murphy 2, D Moles, D Giansiracusa, R Cross, A
Cooney, S Higgins.
Hawthorn - J Roughead 2, J Morton 2, L Breust, L Hodge, L Franklin.
Best : Bulldogs - D Giansiracusa, M Boyd, R Griffen, D Cross, A Cooney, J Akermanis.
Hawthorn - J Kayler-Thomson, S Mitchell, G Moss, B Sewell, J Lewis, R Schoenmakers.
Injuries : Bulldogs - J Harbrow (shin). Hawthorn - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - Stevic, Jeffery, Pannell.
Crowd - 17,222 at Docklands.

Port Adelaide put on their best pre-season form to destroy West Coast by 78 points in a one-sided
contest at Subiaco Oval on Saturday.
On a hot afternoon, the Power were in sizzling form, defying the heat with a running game that the Eagles
were unable to keep up with. West Coast were in poor form, with turnovers and poor decision-making
costing them dearly. An early super-goal gave the Power the edge by 10 points at quarter time, and by half
time the lead was 19 points. But it was in the third quarter that the damage was done, with the Power
landing a super-goal and 7 goals as the lead blew out to 65 points at the last change. A further two
super-goals in the last term were the icing on the cake as the Power breezed into the semi finals.
Port Adelaide           1.4.3        1.9.4        2.16.6        4.19.8 (158)
West Coast              0.4.2        1.5.9        1.6.10         2.8.14 (80)
Nine-Point Goals :  Port Adelaide - S Harding, J Westhoff, D Pearce, C Hitchcock. West
Coast -
L Shuey, B Ebert.
Goals : Port Adelaide - C Hitchcock 3, M Banner 3, J Schulz 2, C Cloke 2, B Ebert 2, J
Westhoff, W Thompson, P Stewart, T Logan, S Harding, J Davenport, D Stewart.
Coast -
M Le Cras 2, M Nicoski, B McKinley, Q Lynch, N Naitanui, M Brown, J Kennedy.
Best : Port Adelaide - J Westhoff, D Pearce, S Harding, M Banner, T Chaplin, D Cassisi.
West Coast - A Selwood, B Ebert, C Masten, L Shuey, M Rosa, N Naitanui.
Injuries : Port Adelaide - Nil. West Coast - Nil.
Reports - Nil. Umpires - S Ryan, R Chamberlain, M Jennings, C Bowen.
Crowd - 16,231 at Subiaco Oval.

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