Chappell-Hadlee Trophy - Match 1 - Australia v New Zealand
Adelaide Oval, Friday 14th December 2007.
Toss : New Zealand
Umpires -
M Benson, S Davis.
In the lead-up to last season's World Cup, New Zealand took out a clean sweep of the Chappell-Hadlee
Trophy, and the Australians were keen to make an impression to regain the one piece of cricketing
silverware that still eludes them.
But New Zealand were proving tough nuts to crack early. Winning the toss and batting in warm
conditions at the Adelaide Oval, they lost Lou Vincent early but a 99-run partnership between Brent
McCullum and Jamie How put the Black Caps into a promising position; maintaining a rate of better than 6
per over during the early power plays, and even when it dropped slightly in the middle overs they still
looked likely to record a score of around 300.
But some tighter bowling in the later stages of the innings frustrated the New Zealanders. Sean Tait had
copped some stick in his early overs, but he returned and took 3 critical wickets to ensure the New
Zealand side was never able to build any momentum during the latter parts of the innings. In the end,
despite a knock of 96 by McCullum and 50 by Taylor, New Zealand were to complete their 50 overs at 7
for 254 - not a bad total, but considerably less than they would have been looking for halfway through
their innings.

But from the start of their innings, Adam Gilchrist sent a message that he meant business and would
attack this run chase. The Australian 50 came up in just 4.4 overs, with Adam Gilchrist the chief
destroyer. His 50 was to come up off just 26 balls, but the dismissals of Hayden and Gilchrist in quick
succession gave New Zealand some brief hope of working their way back into the contest.
But such hopes were to be short-lived, with Ricky Ponting taking over Gilchrist's position as chief assailant.
The captain was to continue the Australian domination as the clouds began to hover above the ground.
A brief rain delay was to hold the Australians up, but even if the rain had set in the Australians were well
above the Duckworth-Lewis par score at the time. But the shower was to pass and play was resumed
with no overs being lost.
Ponting lost Michael Clarke for 48 with victory in sight, but Andrew Symonds was to stay with Ponting
until the job was done, earning a 7-wicket victory for Australia. In recognition of his fine century, Ricky
Ponting was adjudged Player of the Match.
New Zealand - Innings

L Vincent                c Hopes                b Lee                         5
B McCullum             c Bracken             b Hogg                     96
J How                    c Hayden               b Tait                        20
S Styris                  c Gilchrist              b Tait                          5
L Taylor                 c Tait                      b Lee                       50
J Oram                                not out                                       32
M Sinclair               c Hogg                   b Hopes                     2
D Vettori                                              b Tait                        18
K Mills                                 not out                                         7
Sundries (1b, 5lb, 8w, 5nb)                                                 19
50 Overs                                                                  7 for 254
16, 115, 123, 175, 197, 201, 241.

Bowling: B Lee 10-0-48-2, N Bracken 10-3-52-0, S Tait
10-0-59-3, J Hopes 10-0-40-1, B Hogg 10-1-49-1.
Australia - Innings

A Gilchrist                c Taylor               b Martin                    51
M Hayden                                      c & b Mills                       17
R Ponting                                not out                                 107
M Clarke                   c Vincent             b Mills                      48
A Symonds                            not out                                   28
Sundries (1w, 3nb)                                                                4
42.3 Overs                                                               3 for 255
69, 75, 210.

Bowling: K Mills 10-1-68-2, M Gillespie 10-0-72-0, C Martin
10-1-52-1, J Oram 4.3-0-25-0, D Vettori 8-0-32-0, S Styris

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