First Test - Australia v India
Melbourne Cricket Ground, December 26-29 (W-S) 2007.
Toss : Australia
Umpires -
M Benson, B Bowden

Day 1 - Australia 1st innings 9/337 (96) - M Johnson 10, S Clark 21
Day 2 - Australia 2nd innings 0/32 (8) - P Jaques 10, M Hayden 22
Day 3 - India 2nd innings 0/6 (8) - R Dravid 3, W Jaffer 2
A big crowd was on hand on Boxing day at the MCG, and early in the day's play it was looking like
another typical Australian demolition job. Phil Jaques and Matthew Hayden looked untroubled by the
Indian bowling lineup, racing to 0/111 at lunch. Matthew Hayden's successful record at the MCG
continued as he made his way to another century, while Jaques made 66. But once some good
glovework by Dhoni saw Jaques stumped to end the opening partnership, India fought back; taking a
string of wickets throughout the remainder of the day. A 5-wicket haul to captain Anil Kumble brought
India back into the contest, and by the end of the day the Indians had bounced back to be just one
wicket away from dismissing the Australians for a chaseable score.
The final wicket fell on the second morning for just 6 additional runs. In reply, India made a cautious
start; in particular Rahul Dravid who took a painstaking 103 minutes for his innings of 5. But having seen
off the challenge of the new ball, both openers were dismissed for few runs. After lunch, a fascinating
contest between Sachin Tendulkar and the Australian bowlers enthralled the spectators. The Indian
master made his way to 62 in fine style, and looked set for a century before Stuart Clark made his way
through to shatter Tendulkar's stumps. The remainder of the batting fell away quickly to see India
dismissed for 196, trailing by 147 on the first innings. Jaques and Hayden then saw Australia safely
through to stumps.
Having trailed significantly on the first innings, and with the pitch rapidly deteriorating, India needed to
dismiss Australia cheaply on the third day to force their way back into the contest. But instead it was
Australia who were on top, with all the batsmen except Ricky Ponting making significant contributions
in quick time to set up a substantial target for the Indians to chase. When the declaration came late on
the third day, India were set an unlikely 499 to win.
For India to have any chance of scoring the total, or of staving off defeat, they needed a batsman to
dig in and keep his wicket intact. Instead, although several players made starts, none were able to
complete the deal with no player making 50. And when the last 4 wickets fell for just 4 runs, the end
had come quickly with Australia recording an easy 337 run victory. It was Australia's 9th win in a row at
the MCG.2
Nov 16-20 (Fri-Tue)
2nd Test - Australia v Sri
Lanka (Hobart)
Play starts 11am.

Dec 11 (Tue)
Twenty 20 International -
Australia v New Zealand
WACA, Play starts 8:30pm
(Sydney time)


Pura Cup

Adelaide Oval - Nov 9-12
South Australia 178
(C Ferguson 83, D Bollinger
4/63, N Bracken 4/50)
New South Wales 309
(S Katich 117,M Nicholson 44
M Cleary 3/40,D Cullen 3/75)
South Australia 291
(C Ferguson 59,R Harris 42*,
A Delmont 40, N Bracken
4/57, M Nicholson 3/51)
New South Wales 3/162
D Thornely 80*, S Katich 63*
NSW won by 7 wickets

MCG - Nov 9-12
Tasmania 235
(J Krejza 42, T Birt 37, B
McGain 5/68)
Victoria 408
(M Wade 95, B Hodge 93, A
McDonald 70, D Hussey 52, J
Krejza 4/91)
Tasmania 169
T Birt 51, D Marsh 35, G
Denton 6/32,S Harwood 3/40
Victoria won by an
innings & 4 runs.

WACA Ground - Nov 9-12
Queensland 228
(J Maher 111, A Noffke 34,
M Inness 5/38, S Magoffin
Western Australia 5d/565
(L Pomersbach 176, March
166*, L Ronchi 105*, C
Rogers 47)
Queensland 167
(A Noffke 44, B Hogg 5/77,
S Magoffin 3/27)
WA won by an innings &
170 runs.

Gabba - Nov 18-21
Queensland v Victoria

SCG - Nov 20-23
New South Wales v Tasmania

Adelaide Oval - Nov 23-26
South Australia v Western

Ford Ranger Cup

WACA, Nov 14 (Wed, d/n)
Western Australia v

Adelaide Oval, Nov 21
(Wed, d/n)
South Australia v Western

Gabba, Nov 23 (Fri, d/n)
Queensland v Victoria

North Sydney Oval, Nov 25
New South Wales v Tasmania
Australia - 1st Innings

P Jaques                st Dhoni                b Kumble                 66
M Hayden               c Dravid               b Khan                   124
R Ponting                                             b Khan                      4
M Hussey                        lbw             b Kumble                    2
M Clarks                 c Laxman             b Singh                    20
A Symonds            c sub (Karthik)     b Kumble                 35
A Gilchrist              c Tendulkar         b Kumble                  23
B Hogg                   c Dravid              b Khan                      17
B Lee                              lbw              b Kumble                   0
M Johnson                        not out                                       15
S Clark                  c Harbhajan          b Khan                      21
Sundries (5lb, 2w, 9nb)                                                     16
92.4 overs                                                           Total  343
135, 162, 165, 225, 241, 281, 288, 294, 312, 343.

Bowling: Z Khan 23.4-1-94-4, R Singh 20-3-82-1,
Harbhajan Singh 20-3-61-0, S Ganguly 3-1-15-0, A Kumble
25-4-84-5, S Tendulkar 1-0-2-0.
India - 1st Innings

W Jaffer                c Gilchrist                b Lee                      4
R Dravid                        lbw                  b Clark                    5
V Laxman             c Ponting                  b Lee                    26
S Tendulkar                                           b Clark                  62
S Ganguly                                             b Hogg                  43
Yuvraj Singh         c Gilchrist                b Clark                    0
M Dhoni                         lbw                  b Clark                    0
A Kumble              c Gilchrist                b Lee                     27
Harbhajan Singh   c Clarke                   b Hogg                    2
Z Khan                  c Gilchrist                b Lee                    11
R Singh                                not out                                     2
Sundries (4b, 3lb, 7nb)                                                      14
71.5 overs                                                          Total   196
4, 31, 55, 120, 122, 122, 166, 173, 193, 196.

Bowling: B Lee 19.5-6-46-4, M Johnson 13-5-25-0, A
Symonds 3-0-8-0, S Clark 15-4-28-4, B Hogg 21-3-82-2
Australia - 2nd Innings

P Jaques                                       c& b Kumble                  51
M Hayden                c Ganguly          b Harbhajan              47
R Ponting                 c Dravid             b Harbhajan                3
M Hussey                c Tendulkar        b R Singh                  36
M Clarke                  st Dhoni              b Kumble                   73
A Symonds                        lbw          b Khan                      44
A Gilchrist                c R Singh           b Harbhajan              35
B Hogg                                not out                                     35
B Lee                                  not out                                      11
Sundries (3lb, 13nb)                                                           16
88 overs                                                       7 (dec) for 351
83, 89, 139, 161, 243, 288, 316.

Bowling: Z Khan 20-2-93-1, R Singh 16-1-50-1, A Kumble
25-2-102-2, Harbhajan Singh 26-0-101-3, S Tendulkar
India - 2nd Innings

R Dravid                        lbw               b Symonds               16
W Jaffer                c Gilchrist            b Lee                         15
V Laxman              c Clarke               b Clark                       42
S Tendulkar           c Gilchrist            b Lee                         15
S Ganguly             c Ponting              b Hogg                      40
Yuvraj Singh                 lbw              b Hogg                         5
M Dhoni                 c Gilchrist            b Johnson                  11
A Kumble              c Gilchrist            b Johnson                    8
Harbhajan Singh                run out                                        0
Z Khan                              not out                                         0
R Singh                                             b Johnson                    2
Sundries (1b, 6nb)                                                                7
74 overs                                                              Total   161
26, 54, 77, 118, 125, 144, 157, 157, 157, 161.

Bowling: B Lee 14-3-43-2, M Johnson 15-6-21-3, S Clark
15-9-20-1, B Hogg 17-3-51-2, A Symonds 13-5-25-1.