Photos by Michael Shillito
NAB CUP ROUND 1 - Greater Western Sydney v Sydney v Gold Coast
Blacktown Olympic Park, Saturday 19th February 2011.
The Swans make their entrance
onto the ground
The Giants enter the arena
The umpire bounces the ball, and
we're under way
Craig Bird gets the centre break
The Giants clear the ball out of
A healthy crowd is populating the
Lewis Johnston lines up a shot
Dylan Shiel centres the ball
An early shot at goal for the Giants
Josh Kennedy has a shot at goal
Mark Seaby kicks the ball back in
after a GWS behind
The Giants win a ruck contest
Trent Dennis-Lane is in front in a
marking contest
Adam Goodes fires off a handball
The Giants fire the ball away from
the half-back line
Johnston shoots from a tight angle
A shot at goal for Adam Goodes
Simon Tunbridge evades a tackle
Game 1 is over, and the Swans
have scored a big win
Gold Coast warm up before their
first game
Former NRL star Karmichael Hunt
prepares for his first game
Ball in dispute on the Swans'
forward 50
Brandon Matera takes the ball
forward of the wing
Nick Malceski clears for the Swans
A high-flying Gold Coast mark
David Swallow gets a centre break
Boundary throw-in
Dylan McNeil centres play
Guy McKenna addresses his
charges at half time
Danny Stanley marks on half
Brandon Matera dives for a mark
Adam Goodes has a shot at goal
The ball goes out of bounds on the
Daniel Hannebery lays a tackle
Lewis Jetta tackles a Gold Coast
Jude Bolton offloads to Kieran Jack
Rhys Shaw drives the ball from
half back
Mike Pyke is first in line for the ball
Josh Kennedy takes the Swans
The Suns celebrate a goal in the
final minute to take the lead
The Swans take the ball out of the
It's all over, and the Suns have
pulled off an upset win
The Giants are back for the last
game of the evening
After changing their jumpers, Gold
Coast return to the field
A centre bounce gets the final
game under way
A centre break for the Giants
Charlie Dixon takes the Suns
Stephen Clifton has the ball on a
A Gold Coast handpass on the
forward 50
Jimmi Savage kicks truly, and the
Giants finally have a goal
The Giants Army finally has
something to celebrate
Jonathan Giles loses his balance in
a ruck contest
Alex Carey takes a free kick
An uncontested mark for Jeremy
Three quick goals give the Giants
an unlikely half-time lead
The scoreboard tells the tale -
Giants lead by a point
Tom Nicholls marks in the centre
The Suns clear the ball out of trouble
Matera shoots from the 50m line
A half time pep talk for the Giants
The Giants tap the ball out of a pack
Stephen Clifton lays a tackle
Steely determination, eyes for the
Marking contest on centre wing
Charlie Dixon swings the Suns
into attack
Jared Brennan is double-teamed
Andrew Phillips and Tom Nicholls
contest a centre bounce
Michael Rischitelli clears for the
Jeremy Cameron has a shot at goal
Jarrod Harbrow kicks in after a
GWS behind
Cameron keeps his feet to take a
Gold Coast, winning both their
games, finish top of the group