Article and Photos by Michael Shillito

The home and away season finished last weekend, and the sense of anticipation for the final five intensified during the week as the preparations for the finals took place. East Coast Eagles, as minor premiers, were rewarded with the week off.

It’s been a long time between finals appearances for Balmain. Their last time in the playoffs was back in 2001; and for most of the decade in between they’ve been languishing in the lower reaches of the ladder, winning a handful of games in a season if that. But 2011 has made Balmain’s easybeat tag a thing of the past.
Nic Fosdike, calling on his old Swan network, has brought some former AFL legends into the Docker fold. Matched with a smattering of astute signings from other clubs, and with a healthy contingent of local juniors thrown in, Fosdike has built a side capable of competing with the best. Missing out on the minor premiership by just half a game, the Dockers opened the finals series at Bruce Purser Reserve on Saturday afternoon, taking on the highly-fancied Sydney Uni.

Fears that the Dockers would be overawed by the new experience of finals footy proved to be unfounded, as the Dockers wasted no time in establishing a lead. The Dockers got the centre break, and a long bomb by Jason Coulloupas saw the opening goal scored within 30 seconds of the opening bounce.
The first quarter was played at breakneck speed, a shootout between two teams keen to attack at every opportunity. It was goal for goal early, with the Dockers matching it with the Students around the ground. Jerome Farrell was allowed to roam around the half-forward line, and had a hand in most of the Balmain goals in the first term; while Coulloupas put in some nice runs down the wing. The marking strength of Jason Saddington up forward was also a factor for the Dockers; the tall number 9 finishing with two goals for the quarter.
It was close early, as Balmain’s first three goals were met with a Sydney Uni reply within a minute. But during time-on, the Dockers broke away with three goals; the Students unable to find an answer other than a shot after the siren from Tom Elkington from 20 metres out which was inexplicably missed.
The afternoon sun was shining brightly in the second term, as the Dockers got out to a handy lead. Chris Bolt, showing the pace of his Jamaican namesake, shook off the attentions of the Student tacklers before delivering to John Maniscalco. Shortly afterwards, James Howard pounced on the crumbs from a boundary throw-in and snapped truly; and the Dockers were 28 points to the good.
The Students were looking shell-shocked, trying hard around the ground but struggling to come up with the answers. And when the ball did come forward, they weren’t able to find the winning formula to manufacture a goal. Tom Elkington took a nice mark 30 metres out, but instead of going back for his kick, fired off a handball to Adam Campbell, who didn’t seem to be expecting the ball and his quick snap sailed wide for a point.
A long-range grubber looked set to sail through, only for the ball to sit up in the goal-square long enough for Rohan Lilly to tap it through. The Students needed a spark, and it came as the clock ticked into time-on, when Michael Higgins executed a smother in the pocket, gathered and slotted home the goal from a tight angle in front of the vocal contingent of Students’ Div 1 players. But even with Higgins’ late heroics, the Students still found themselves 22 points in arrears at the long break.

The third quarter was played to the backdrop of an orange sky, the sun setting and the lights slowly taking over. And the transition from day to night seemed to signal a change in momentum, as the Students made their way back into the contest. It took just 20 seconds for the Students to open their second half account, with Ben Mankarious on the run snapping truly from the 50 metre line.
For the next five minutes, the ball was camped on the Sydney Uni forward line, but they were unable to come up with a goal. Tim Barton had the best chance, picking up a loose ball and running into the square before some desperate defending by Travis Stevens saw the Docker defender get a hand to the ball to force a behind. And against the run of play, the Dockers would get the next score, a coast to coast play finishing with Nick Davis marking and goaling.
But in the blink of an eye, the game changed. At the 15 minute mark, Elkington took a strong one-out mark against Janis Blums and kicked truly. Two minutes later, Matthew Clarke converted a free kick from a tight angle, virtually under the scoreboard. And a minute later, a quick snap by Higgins went through, and suddenly there was only four points in it.

That was as close as the Students could get, as the Dockers steadied. At 23 minutes, a turnover by Clinton Wells enabled Howard to run in for a much-needed Balmain goal. Coulloupas, gathering the ball outside 50, went for a run, two bounces and kicked truly. And in the dying seconds of the quarter, Nick Davis crumbed a marking contest and kicked the goal.
For all Sydney Uni’s work to get back into the contest, the quarter finished as it started, with the Dockers 22 points ahead. But the Students ran harder in the early stages of the last quarter, with one final push to get back into the contest.
Five scoreless minutes of tight and tough tackling started the final term, and there were no easy possessions. But finally Chris Clarebrough broke away, and found a leading Adam Campbell 40 metres out. Campbell made no mistake with the kick; and two minutes later came up with a strong pack mark in a similar position to put the margin back to 10 points. The tall uni forward could have made it three goals for the quarter, and got the margin back within a kick, but his third attempt sailed just wide of the post.
With the game in the balance, it was Nick Davis who stood up and was counted. The former Collingwood and Sydney forward twice got himself in the right place at the right time, and on both occasions played on to slot the ball home and ensure victory for the Dockers. The Students kept working hard, but there were to be no more goals as the Dockers defended grimly until the final siren.

The final margin was 20 points, a celebration for Balmain and a final to remember after such a long absence from the business end of the season. Nick Davis’s final quarter heroics saw him finish with five goals for the game. Tim Schmidt, Russell Gordon and Ben Taggart had been ball magnets all evening for the Dockers. For Sydney Uni, Nick Lye, Matthew Clarke and Michael Higgins were among their best.
Balmain’s reward for the victory is that they are just one win away from the grand final. But it won’t be easy; with the rested East Coast Eagles ready and waiting. It’s been a long time since the Dockers have beaten the Eagles. But Balmain are there, they’ve silenced the doubters many times this season, and next week’s clash promises to be a beauty. But for Sydney Uni, it’s sudden death from here.

Sydney Uni’s opponent in the knockout semi final will be North Shore, after the Bombers completed a comfortable 56-point win over Pennant Hills in the elimination final at Blacktown Olympic Park on Sunday evening.
The Demons had the better of the start with the first two goals, but the Bombers fought back to draw level at quarter time. The first quarter had been a high-scoring shootout, but evenly contested; but the pendulum swung sharply North Shore’s way in the second term. The helmeted Pat Codling was unstoppable for the Bombers, with three goals for the quarter, but the Bombers found winners all over the ground as they kicked six for the quarter and led by 33 points at the long break.
The Demons had leaked goals badly during the second quarter, and although they managed to stem the flow of goals in the third term they were unable to make any serious attempt at pegging back the deficit. 15 goal-less minutes passed, and it was North Shore who broke the goal drought with two quick goals. Even with the Demons getting one back during time-on, the Bombers had won the quarter and with a 38-point lead at the last change, the Bombers looked set for victory.
But the Demons had other ideas, and came out hard in the early stages of the final term. Two goals to the Demons in the first five minutes of the final term got the margin back to four goals; but the Demons could get no closer. And having seen off the Demon challenge, the Bombers took the ascendancy late in the evening to cruise to a comfortable win.
Pat Codling finished with four goals for the Bombers, again highlighting his status as one of North Shore’s rising young guns. Chris Murphy, Codling and Seb Paynter were among North Shore’s best. For the Demons, Luke Bilbe, Matt Thomas and Josh Keen were among their best.

And so Pennant Hills’ season comes to an end, while the Bombers live on for another week; with a clash against Sydney Uni coming up. The Bombers have beaten the Students twice this season already, and with confidence growing in the Bomber camp, the Bombers would have every reason to fancy their chances of making it through to another crack at the preliminary final.

Premier Division:
Qualifying Final
Balmain 6.2 8.4 12.7 14.8 (92)
Sydney University 3.3 4.6 8.9 10.12 (72)
Goals : Balmain –
N Davis 5, J Coulloupas 2, M Edwins 2, J Saddington 2, J Howard 2, J Maniscalco. Sydney Uni – A Campbell 3, M Higgins 2, M Clarke 2, B Mankarious, K Murphy, T Elkington.
Best : Balmain – T Schmidt, R Gordon, B Taggart, J Maniscalco, J Farrell, M Edwins. Sydney Uni – N Lye, M Clarke, M Higgins, C Clarebrough, T Elkington, J Caspersonn.
At Bruce Purser Reserve, Saturday 27th August 2011.

Elimination Final
North Shore 4.1 10.5 12.7 17.10 (112)
Pennant Hills 4.1 5.2 6.5 8.8 (56)
Goals : North Shore –
P Codling 4, B Attwood 3, D Roberts 2, L Pryor 2, L Clancy 2, S Paynter, J Russell-Jones, D Fitzgerald, T Strudwick. Pennant Hills – L Bilbe 2, M Thomas 2, J Gourlay 2, C Setford, Brandon Jack.
Best : North Shore – C Murphy, P Codling, S Paynter, Z Manley, T Strudwick, R Pryor. Pennant Hills – L Bilbe, M Thomas, J Keen, J Gourlay, D Witt, T Scoular.
At Blacktown Olympic Park, Sunday 28th August 2011.

First Division:
Qualifying Final
Southern Power 3.2 6.4 10.8 12.10 (82)
Sydney University 1.3 3.5 3.5 5.7 (37)
Goals : Southern Power –
M Findlay 5, S Brierty 2, I Holder 2, J Hardy, S Demir, M Graham. Sydney Uni – D Worrell 2, M Hutton, C Walsh, C Kendrick.
Best : Southern Power – A Fritsch, M Findlay, S Brierty, M Graham, P Hamer, I Holder. Sydney Uni – M Hutton, C Kendrick, J Swarts, L McKenzie, N Costello, P Casey.
At Bruce Purser Reserve, Saturday 27th August 2011.

Elimination Final
Macquarie University 3.6 6.14 13.20 17.25 (127)
University of Technology 2.3 4.3 6.4 8.6 (54)
Goals : Macquarie Uni –
A Govender 4, B Harland 3, E Moody 2, A Sliwka 2, A MacCulloch 2, L Penrith, S Simpson, I Robertson, J Coburn. UTS – T Nixon 3, N Barrett 3, M King 2.
Best : Macquarie Uni – J Brackin, B Harland, A Govender, L Gemmill, E Moody, D Brogan. UTS – T Robinson, N Barrett, S Donaldson, E Healey, T Nixon, Z Jardine.
At Blacktown Olympic Park, Sunday 28th August 2011

Second Division:
Second Semi Final
Penrith 2.1 4.3 5.8 7.11 (53)
Holroyd-Parramatta 1.2 5.2 6.3 7.4 (46)
Goals : Penrith –
B Roberts 4, D Chivas, D Schroot, B Robinson. Holroyd-Parramatta – L Mansbridge 3, S Costello 2, M Stacey, J Schwarze.
Best : Penrith – N Wright, J Denton, D Bradley, B Robinson, M Woodford, M Payne. Holroyd-Parramatta – M Geddes, M Cahill, J Schwarze, S Costello, L Walsh, L Cocks.
At Rosedale Oval, Saturday 27th August 2011.

First Semi Final
Balmain 3.6 6.8 12.11 17.14 (116)
Sydney University 1.0 2.3 5.4 8.5 (53)
Goals : Balmain –
A Kyprianou 4, A Clark 3, M Busch 3, J Boyd 2, M Carey, T Luff, M Car, L Freemantle, B Plug. Sydney Uni – J Walker 2, J La Posta 2, R Stokes 2, T Ferguson, L Godfrey.
Best : Balmain – J Bates, E Bennell, K Underwood, T Luff, A Kyprianou, J Britton. Sydney Uni – R Kennedy, L Godfrey, S Issa, H Rowe, A Crowe, R Stokes.
At Gipps Rd Oval, Sunday 28th August 2011.

Third Division:
Qualifying Final
Uni of Technology 3.1 5.3 6.7 8.8 (56)
Sydney University 1.3 3.4 4.6 5.11 (41)
Goals : UTS –
D Lazarus 3, S Boyd 2, S Robertson, A Cohen, J Pallpratt. Sydney Uni – T Werner-Gibbings 2, J Crichton, J Cutrupi, A Herring.
Best : UTS – S Boyd, D Lazarus, A Kelly, S Robertson, A Cohen, M Ayers. Sydney Uni – M Watson, C Allworth, M Whitaker, C Murr, P Younan, J Cutrupi.
At Bruce Purser Reserve, Saturday 27th August 2011.

Elimination Final
Southern Power 4.3 7.3 9.7 14.14 (98)
Saints AFC 1.1 2.2 3.2 4.5 (29)
Goals : Southern Power –
L Hall 4, A Wardrop 3, M Bellman 2, A Cluff 2, J Krull, C Byrom, M Allouche. Saints AFC – C Barnes 2, P Doyle, B Somerville.
Best : Southern Power – T Shean, M New, M Allouche, A Wardrop, S Davies, C Byrom. Saints AFC – S Sadler, S Feigan, J Tale, T Linehan, M Dunlea, A Tremellen.
At Blacktown Olympic Park, Sunday 28th August 2011.

Fourth Division:
Second Semi Final
Penrith 4.2 5.8 8.10 13.10 (88)
Macquarie Uni 3.1 3.2 6.2 7.2 (44)
Goals : Penrith –
N Collimore 4, M Lewis 3, T Corless, G Howell, J Ponton, J Bradley, J Sultana, C Butler. Macquarie Uni – R Pryor 4, M Leeds, S Uglow, M McMahon.
Best : Penrith – N Gatt, C Triffitt, N Rowley, J Jackson, J Sultana, C Butler. Macquarie Uni – P Sobb, P Hare, M Leeds, R Pryor, P Hyndman, C Mullins.
At Rosedale Oval, Saturday 27th August 2011.

First Semi Final
Moorebank 3.2 3.4 6.7 10.8 (68)
University of Technology 3.1 6.1 8.2 9.4 (58)
Goals : Moorebank –
T Currant 3, D Weightman 2, I Prudham, J Weston, A Bedford, B Van Etten. UTS – A Dragicevic 2, B Nitschke, B Payne, W Field, L Walters, J Bocking, W Houghton, R Malcolm.
Best : Moorebank – J O’Mara, C Graham, V Pham, F Wanrooy, D Wilson, J Droscher. UTS – L Walters, P Browne, W Houghton, S Hains, R Malcolm, T Ottens.
At Gipps Rd Oval, Sunday 28th August 2011.

Fifth Division:
Second Semi Final
Southern Power 3.3 7.7 9.7 11.10 (76)
Moorebank 1.2 1.2 1.3 2.4 (16)
Goals : Southern Power –
D Stanton 4, M Crowe 2, D Andrews, J O’Sullivan, R Libbis, N Sterling, T Rokov. Moorebank – C Garven, S Walsh.
Best : Southern Power – J Wakeman, D Stanton, G Marks, T Rokov, S Lowes, T Fortescue. Moorebank – C Rainbow, J Windass, L Turnbull, J Playford, J Quigley, D Balderston.
At Rosedale Oval, Saturday 27th August 2011.

Under 18s Premier:
Qualifying Final
Pennant Hills 2.2 4.5 7.6 8.6 (54)
North Shore 3.1 5.2 6.5 7.8 (50)
Goals : Pennant Hills –
M Baglin 3, C McKay 2, L Sawtell, T Edmonds, T Rivers. North Shore – L Harris 3, D Schacher, C Hurst, J Byers, M Robertson.
Best : Pennant Hills – M Baglin, H Angel, N Coaldrake, T Rivers, P Witt, T Edmonds. North Shore – M Cullen, Z Bray, E Sertbas, H Washington, M Douglas, J Weir.
At Bruce Purser Reserve, Saturday 27th August 2011.

Elimination Final
St Ignatius Riverview 0.1 1.3 1.5 3.5 (23)
Sydney University 1.3 1.6 1.8 2.10 (22)
Goals : Riverview –
J Martin, Z Salter, M Lodge. Sydney Uni – M Krochmal, G Robbie.
Best : Riverview – M Lodge, J Pascoe, D Robinson, D Gross, P Ferguson, J McPherson. Sydney Uni – S Longeran-Stewart, A Bertino, J Webster, M Digges, S Jamieson, J Hiscox.
At Blacktown Olympic Park, Sunday 28th August 2011.

Under 18s Challenge:
Second Semi Final
Campbelltown 1.4 7.7 10.12 16.14 (110)
Manly-Warringah 2.2 3.3 4.4 8.7 (55)
Goals : Campbelltown –
K Monteleone 4, J Beveridge 3, T Sims 3, D Beech 2, J O’Brien, B Wharton, C Gordon, H Davey. Manly-Warringah – M Varjavandi 2, N Sampson, R Vernon, N Bosschieter, W Koch, H Tier, J Tahtali.
Best : Campbelltown – P Green, K Monteleone, S Barr, P Simpson, C Gordon, D Beech. Manly-Warringah – W Koch, J Behagg, M Varjavandi, C Johnston, M Bell, K Springthorpe.
At Rosedale Oval, Saturday 27th August 2011.

First Semi Final
Mac Uni Warriors 2.1 6.3 11.4 13.9 (87)
Holroyd-Parramatta 1.2 4.2 7.3 8.3 (51)
Goals : Mac Uni –
F Skulley 6, J Carrington 3, W Cobcroft-Wells 2, A O’Dea, B Codling. Holroyd-Parramatta – B Johnston 2, P Martinoli 2, J Clark 2, M Coledan, J Pidgeon.
Best : Mac Uni – H Jarman, M Wettenhall, F Skulley, J Coughlan, R Joannides, J Carrington. Holroyd-Parramatta – J Clark, S Neill, B Jenison, T Watson, G Zenebre, A Leabeater.
At Gipps Rd Oval, Sunday 28th August 2011.


Premier Division:
Saturday 3rd September
North Dalton Oval – Second Semi Final – East Coast v Balmain (3:10pm)
Sunday 4th September
Blacktown Olympic Park – First Semi Final – Sydney Uni v North Shore (3:10pm)

First Division:
Saturday 3rd September
North Dalton Oval – Second Semi Final – Manly-Warringah v Southern Power (1:00pm)
Sunday 4th September
Blacktown Olympic Park – First Semi Final – Sydney Uni v Macquarie Uni (1:00pm)

Second Division:
Saturday 3rd September
Henson Park – Preliminary Final – Holroyd-Parramatta v Balmain (3:10pm)

Third Division:
Saturday 3rd September
North Dalton Oval – Second Semi Final – UNSW-ES v UTS (9:00am)
Sunday 4th September
Blacktown Olympic Park – First Semi Final – Sydney Uni v Southern Power (9:00am)

Fourth Division:
Saturday 3rd September
Henson Park – Preliminary Final – Macquarie Uni v Moorebank (1:00pm)

Fifth Division:
Saturday 3rd September
Henson Park – Preliminary Final – Moorebank v Manly-Warringah (9:00am)

Under 18s Premier:
Saturday 3rd September
North Dalton Oval – Second Semi Final – East Coast v Pennant Hills (11:00am)
Sunday 4th September
Blacktown Olympic Park – First Semi Final – North Shore v St Ignatius Riverview (11:00am)

Under 18s Challenge:
Saturday 3rd September
Henson Park – Preliminary Final – Manly-Warringah v Mac Uni Warriors (11:00am)

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2008 Rnd 3 - W'gong v
2008 Rnd 4 - Camptwn v S
2008 Rnd 5 - Nth Shore v
2008 Rnd 6 - Wests v Syd
2008 Rnd 7 - C'town v Nth
2008 Rnd 8 - Syd Uni v St
2008 - Rnd 9 - W'gong v
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2009 - Rnd 1 - St George v
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2009 - Rnd 2 - Camp'twn v
2009 - Rnd 3 - Sydney Uni v
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2009 - Rnd 4 - Wests v Nth
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2009 - Rnd 6 - East Coast v
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2009 - Rnd 8 - Nth Shore v
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2009 - Rnd 15 - Nth Shore v
Syd Uni
2009 - Rnd 16 - Pen Hills v
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2009 - Rnd 17 - Nth Shore v
2009 - Rnd 18 - Wests v
Penn Hills
2009 - Qual Final - Wests v
2009 - Elim Final - Pen
Hills v Camp'town
2009 - 1st Semi -
UNSW-ES v Pen Hills
2009 - 2nd Semi - East
Coast v Wests
2009 - Prelim Final - Wests
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2010 - Rnd 2 - UNSW-ES v
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2010 - Rnd 4 - Sydney Uni v
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2010 - Rnd 6 - Wests v
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2010 - Rnd 7 - Penn Hills v
2010 - Rnd 8 - Nth Shore v
2010 - Rnd 9 - Camp'town v
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2010 - Rnd 11 - Balmain v
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2010 - Rnd 13 - Nth Shore v
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2010 - Rnd 15 - East Coast
v North Shore
2010 - Rnd 17 - Nth Shore v
Pennant Hills
2010 - Qual Final - Wests v
East Coast
2010 - Elim Final - North
Shore v Pennant Hills
2010 - 2nd Semi - Sydney
Uni v Wests
2010 - Prelim Final - Wests
v East Coast
2011 - Rnd 1 - East Coast v
2011 - Rnd 2 - Balmain v
2011 - Rnd 3 - Balmain v
2011 - Rnd 5 - Pennant
Hills v North Shore
2011 - Rnd 6 - North Shore
v Campbelltown
2011 - Rnd 8 - UTS v North
2011 - Rnd 9 - Wests v
Sydney Uni
2011 - Rnd 10 - Balmain v
St George
2011 - Rnd 11 - Illawarra v
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2011 - Rnd 12 - East Coast
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2011 - Qualifying Final -
Balmain v Sydney Uni
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2011 - Prelim Final -
Balmain v Sydney Uni