The 2007 grand final was a triumph for North Shore, with the Bombers returning to
premiership glory with a 20-point victory over St George in perfect conditions at Henson
Park. Click on the links to check out the photo galleries, or read on below to see how
RedAndWhiteOnline reported the match.

Under 18s Grand Final - North Shore Wildcats v Pennant Hills
Reserves Grand Final - Pennant Hills v East Coast Eagles
Grand Final - Match pics
After the game - celebrations, commiserations and presentations.
Saturday 15th September 2007 dawned a fine and sunny day, a contrast to the
quagmire of last year's grand final. Henson Park looked a treat, with the Sydney AFL
logo painted on the hill and the car park extending around the southern hill. The largest
crowd to attend a Sydney AFL grand final for several years was on hand, creating a
magnificent atmosphere for what was to be an absorbing game of football.
St George have had some success in recent years, and other than 2005 have made
the finals every year since the turn of the millennium. But the premiership has eluded
them, their most recent flag having been in 1993. With a strong win against Pennant
Hills in the second semi, the Crows had a strong side to challenge for this title. North
Shore had played in 6 grand finals in a row until 2005 but missed out last year. But
2007 saw the Bombers fight back to make the top 4, and with wins over Campbelltown
and Pennant Hills during the finals had returned to the biggest stage in Sydney football
this season.  

The Bombers won the toss and kicked to the scoreboard end in the first term; and the
first goal was to come their way when Michael Cowell was paid a free in the goalsquare.
But the Crows were to look the stronger side in the first term, with Troy Cole twice
getting on the scoreboard. The Crows led by 14 points, but two late goals to the
Bombers cut the margin back to 3 points at the first change.
The second term saw a key turning point when St George's Dan Lowry earned the
wrath of the umpires after a clash with Mark Livy, with Lowry being shown a red card.
For Lowry, who has already been suspended twice this season, it was a disappointing
end to an interrupted season. For Livy, the result of the collision was a broken nose;
and although he was to return to the field in the second half with his face strapped, the
strapping was clearly inadequate with the Bomber captain being frequently blood-ruled
over the remainder of the match. On the field, a 4 goals to 2 quarter saw the Bombers
hit the lead and take a 13-point margin into the long break.  

Early in the third quarter, the Bombers threatened to run away with the match. The
Fitzgerald brothers were running riot in the midfield, and were well supported by Ryan
Davis who was playing the game of his life. By the 14 minute mark, after former captain
Matthew Parker got on the goalkicking list, the lead had blown out to 23 points. But this
match was far from over and the Crows would hit back hard. With Gavin Raper forcing
the turnovers in the backline, Scott Richmond and Declan Donohue getting plenty of
the ball and Troy Cole looking a target up forward with 5 goals; the Crows made a
charge. In the next 10 minutes, Peter Dugmore, Brad Percy and Troy Cole kicked
goals. After each goal, the St George supporting contingent on the hill sang out "O
When the Saints Go Marching In", contributing to a feeling that the Crows had
recaptured the momentum. There was only a kick in it; but the siren sounded, giving
North Shore a chance to regroup.

Sydney football has had plenty of close grand finals in recent years, and with only 4
points the margin at the last change there was another one unfolding here. The Crows
were still behind, but had a spring in their step as they moved into their huddle. North
Shore, with Parker and Kulk having their legs in ice, Livy on and off to have his nose
re-strapped, were effectively down to 1 on the bench. Could they hang on, or would
they be swallowed by the Crows' juggernaut? St George coach Craig Tognolini and his
Bomber counterpart Michael Hosking pleaded with their charges for one final effort, that
they would regret it if they looked back on a quarter where they could have performed
heroics but didn't.

8 minutes into the last term, and two North Shore behinds later, the margin was exactly
one goal. The Crows had looked for Dugmore, but he was well held by Ron Wason. But
a short chip inside the forward circle found Brad Percy 30 metres out directly in front. A
chance to level the scores; but agonisingly, Percy's kick would hit the post. Had the
goal gone through, and the Bombers lost their lead, the whole momentum of the game
could have changed. But it didn't, and from the kick-in the Bombers raced the ball
downfield to find Michael Sawyer who banged through a goal to give the Bombers some
vital breathing space. At the 14 minute mark, Peter Dugmore had a chance to get the
goal back from 40 metres on an angle, but he also missed. And when Chris McLachlan
landed his third goal as the clock ticked into time-on, the contest was over and the
premiership cup was heading to Gore Hill.  

The result was a triumph for North Shore and for coach Michael Hosking. After a tough
2006 season when the Bombers missed the finals, Hosking made plenty of changes to
his team, turning to a youth policy to turn the team's fortunes around. Seven players in
the premiership side were still in their teens; with one of them, Ryan Davis, taking out
the Podbury Medal for best on ground. And with two under-18s teams making the finals
this season, a further production line of young talent will be looking to force their way
into this side next season.
For St George, it was a disappointing end to the season, but the Crows have had much
to be proud of in 2007. Craig Tognolini, in his first season as a senior coach, has built a
strong side that looks set to be a contender for higher honours for the next few years at
least. The multi-pronged forward line of Dugmore, Ahmat, the Wilsen brothers, Percy
and Troy Cole has caused headaches for many opposition defences this season; while
the form of Donohue and Craig in the midfield and Raper and Shineberg in defence is
also critical to the team's success. A premiership in 2007 was not to be, but the Crows
look likely to challenge strongly for the title in 2008.

But this was the Year of the Bomber. The North Shore side came forward to collect their
medallions and the cup, presented from the grandstand as the crowd gathered below. It
was the launch of celebrations that continued long into the night. Another season of
sensational football was over.

North Shore   3.0   7.3   10.8   12.15 (87)
St George   3.3   5.8   9.10   9.12 (66)
Goals : North Shore -
C McLachlan 3, T Hill 2, T Sawyer 2, M Parker, A Lowes, B
Barnes, M Cowell, R Meldrum.
St George - T Cole 5, P Dugmore 2, S Richmond, B
Umpires - D Anderson, N Lessels, A Lewis.
At Henson Park, Saturday 15th September 2007.

The Reserve Grade grand final was a thriller, with East Coast Eagles hanging on to
beat Pennant Hills by just 1 point. The Eagles held a narrow lead for much of the day,
but a long-range shot that just squeezed in for a behind mid-way through the last
quarter to extend the lead to 13 points was to prove critical. Two goals to the Demons
reduced the margin to just 1 point, and there was still 3 minutes to go. The Demons
pressed forward again, looking for the match-winning goal or even a point to force extra
time; but the Eagles' defence was magnificent under pressure and hung on for dear
life. 15 year-old Daniel Spiteri was awarded Best on Ground after what had been a
thrilling contest.
East Coast Eagles   2.2   6.4   10.5   11.7 (73)
Pennant Hills   1.4   4.6   8.9   10.12 (72)
Goals : East Coast -
M Petersen 4, J Mann 2, L Madden, A Moeller, T Kear, D Spiteri.
Pennant Hills - S Myers 3, L Bilbe 2, J Myers, J Gaggin, N Wright, D Kolarik, P Barnes.

The North Shore Wildcats went into the under-18s grand final undefeated; but it
threatened to come horribly unstuck for them early when Pennant Hills started
magnificently to keep the Wildcats scoreless in the first quarter. But the Wildcats
steadied and worked their way back into the contest, hitting the lead late in the third
quarter. By then, the Demons had nothing more to give after their strong start; and a
series of 50 metre penalties in the last term helped the Wildcats to pull away and take
out a 34-point victory in a match that for much of the day looked set to be much closer.
North Shore Wildcats   0.0   2.3   5.9   10.11 (71)
Pennant Hills   3.3   4.5   5.6   5.7 (37)
Goals : Wildcats -
A Scott 2, B Seymour 2, M Thompson 2, M Wilson, J Casperonn, L
Redman, A Buncle.
Pennant Hills - L Lothian 2, D Jacob, J Polglase, A Govender.

Sydney football's top players were showcased at the Phelan Medal presentation, as the
votes for the league's best and fairest player were counted. Pennant Hills eased some
of the disappointment of missing out on this year's grand final when Charlie Richardson
polled strongly late in the season to win the medal with 16 votes; 1 vote clear of
team-mate Alistair Richardson and St George's Peter Dugmore and Scott Richmond.
Other winners were Jason Philp (Southern Sharks, Snow Medal, 1st Division Seniors),
Tim Physick and Tim Kear (both East Coast Eagles, Sanders Medal, Premier Division
Reserves), Jack Scully (St George, Kealy Medal, Under 18s Premier), Steven Powell
(Macquarie Uni) Andrew Cochrane (Manly) and Anthony Leach (UTS) (McFarlane
Medal, First Division Reserves), Tyrone Armitage (Manly-Warringah, Hart Medal, Under
18s Challenge) and Adam Westwood (South-West Sydney, Armstrong Medal, Second

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