Sydney Cricket Ground, Sunday 15th July 2007.
Photos by Michael Shillito
The Swans reserves had a
big win over Eastlake
A celebrity game was
played as the crowd arrived
Carlton run through their
The Blues warm up
The Swans run through
their banner
Game on
Carlton dominated
possession early, getting
off to a strong start
Darren Jolly is tackled
Adam Goodes wins a
Adam Goodes takes a free
from centre wing
Nick Davis has a shot
The big men fly
Josh Kennedy wins a
hit-out for Carlton
Barry Hall shoots for goal
Spider Everitt wins a
Brad Fisher has a shot for
Michael O’Loughlin
Ryan O’Keefe takes the
Swans forward
Ongoing construction work
around the SCG has
resulted in a big hole
around the pocket
Carlton attempt to work
their way out of trouble
Adam Goodes effects a
Brendon Fevola has a shot
Peter Everitt shoots for
Three-quarter time. The
Swans in a huddle while
the goal umpire confirms
the score
Craig Bolton tackles
Andrew Carrazzo shoots,
but it’s too little too late
Jude Bolton does a lap of
Brett Kirk acknowledges
the crowd after the game
Jelly Bean Jam perform at
the after-match
A healthy attendance at the
after-match function
Luffy interviews Paul Roos
Interview with Michael O’
The Swans players at the
after-match function
Adam Goodes speaks to
the crowd
Spider Everitt tells a joke
Brett Kirk is interviewed
Leo Barry, you star
A generous round of
applause from the red and
white supporters
The band played another
set as the fans partied on
Sydney         3.3         11.7         17.9         25.12 (162)
Carlton         5.3         7.4           12.9         15.10 (100)
Goals : Sydney -
B Hall 4 P Everitt 4 N Davis 3 A Schneider 3 B Kirk
2 J McVeigh 2 N Malceski 2 M O'Loughlin 2 N Fosdike D Jolly A
Carlton - B Fisher 3 M Lappin 3 B Fevola 2 R Houlihan J
Bannister S O'hAilpin E Betts K Simpson H Scotland A Koutoufides.
Best : Sydney - P Everitt J Bolton N Malceski B Kirk A Schneider N
Carlton - K Simpson H Scotland B Fisher A Carrazzo.
Injuries : Sydney - Nil. Carlton - B Gibbs (ankle) J Kennedy (calf) A
Hartlett (hamstring).
Reports - Nil.
Umpires - H Kennedy C Kamolins S Meredith.
Crowd - 24,858 at the SCG.