Photos by Michael Shillito
ANZ Stadium, Friday 9th September 2011.
The Wests Tigers cheer
girls perform their routine
The Dragons Army pull a
giant jumper
The Dragons Army
The Dragons enter the
The Wests Tigers make
their entrance
The Tigers prepare to
kick off
Jamie Soward catches the
ball from the kick off
Robert Lui feeds a scrum
Robbie Farah prepares to
Benji Marshall struggles
to control the ball
Benji Marshall crosses for
an early try
And the crowd goes wild
The try is converted
Brett Morris runs into a
A big crowd is on hand for
the first finals clash
Ben Hornby throws a pass
The Dragons win a scrum
Mitch Rein burrows under
the pack to score
Jamie Soward converts
Jason Nightingale scores
in the corner
The cheer girls celebrate
as the Dragons take the
Jamie Soward adds a
penalty goal
Nathan Fien at dummy
half receives the ball
The Dragons go on the
Jamie Soward
unsuccessfully attempts a
penalty goal
Keith Galloway is tackled
Gareth Ellis is brought
The Tigers return to the
sheds at half time
The second half gets
under way
Benji Marshall runs the
Robert Lui knocks on
Three Tigers bring down
Mark Gasnier
Beau Ryan crashes over
in the corner
The try is confirmed
The Tigers press the St
George line
St George defend grimly
A penalty goal gives the
Tigers the lead
Michael Weyman plays
the ball
Robbie Farah throws a
long-range pass
Dean Young off-loads
A blockbuster crowd is
Robert Lui feeds a scrum
Robbie Farah looks for an
attacking option
Chris Heighington crashes
over for the Tigers
And the crowd goes wild
Benji Marshall finds room
to move
Keith Galloway is held,
forcing a handover
A field goal puts the
Tigers 19-12 ahead
Dragons fans are leaving
A bungled drop-out gives
the Tigers a shot at goal
Benji Marshall adds the
two points
At 21-12 with seconds to
go, the Tigers are safe
Brett Morris takes on
Benji Marshall
It's all over - Tigers 21
Dragons 12
The crowd celebrates the
The jubilant Tigers depart
as winners